Backup Instagram Photos to SkyDrive

Backup Instagram Photos to SkyDrive

It’s almost known as a rule of thumb that you should always create a backup of you important data on an external drive. But how many times have you been in this situation; you know a close friend or a group of friends that you love and hangout a lot with, you take a lot of photos together, you add the picture to Instagram with filters and you do a huge effort to edit these photos. For a reason or another you’ve quarreled with your friends/friend and decide that you don’t want to know them/him/her and deleted all of these photos from Instagram, after a while you discover your mistake and ask yourself how would you retrieve these photos. Well, you can if you’ve packed them on a free service like SkyDrive (Outlook cloud service, just like Google Drive, so you’ll have to create an Outlook, Hotmail or live account if you don’t already have one).

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In this article you’ll be shown how to create an automatic back up of your Instagram photos to SkyDrive using a very handy tool called IFTTT (if this then that), we shall use this tool later to create a lot of cool tricks. The following are the steps that you should follow to create an instantaneous backup of Instagram photos to SkyDrive:

Step 1: Go to IFTTT website ( and click on the “join IFTTT” tab, if you have an account just sign in:

Backup Instagram Photos to SkyDrive 4

Step 2: After creating an account and logging to it, click on “create a recipe” on your dashboard.

Step 3: Click on the “this” link, and then you have to choose your trigger channel, which will be Instagram in this case. IFTTT will ask for permission to access your Instagram account.

Backup Instagram Photos to SkyDrive 5
Backup Instagram Photos to SkyDrive 6

Step 4: You’ll then choose your trigger which will be “Any new photo by you” then click on the Create Trigger button.

Step 5: Click on “that” tab, then click “View all Channels” to select the SkyDrive channel.

Backup Instagram Photos to SkyDrive 1

Step 6: Activate the SkyDrive channel and then you’ll have to give IFTTT access to your SkyDrive account.

Backup Instagram Photos to SkyDrive 2

Step 7: After activating the SkyDrive Channel, close the tab and continue your recipe by picking SkyDrive as your action channel.

Step 8: Select “Add file from URL” as your action, then click on the blue Create Action button.

Step 9: Click on the “Create Recipe” button to save your new recipe and turn it on.

Now every time you add a picture to Instagram a backup copy is placed on your SkyDrive account. Of course you can use Google Drive, Google+, Box, Dropbox or any other cloud service instead of SkyDrive. Now you don’t have to worry about backing up your Instagram photos as it’s done instantly and automatically.