Bypass YouTube Age Restrictions

Bypass YouTube Age Restrictions

Over the time Youtube has become touchier about explicit content on their platform. Which is basically the reason why most people – or should we say teenagers, tend to make Google accounts with incorrect age information for watching restricted content on YouTube. Now making a dummy account with 18+ age, or even logging every time for people who are eligible is sometimes very annoying and time consuming. But there’s a bypass for this situation – yes, in this article you can learn the 3  of the easiest and fastest ways to browse through YouTube videos without any of that age restriction bullshit.

Method 1: Editing the URL

This is by far the easiest way available for you to hack into age restricted videos on YouTube since all you have to do is make some simple changes to the video URL in your address bar – and the next thing you know, you’re watching PG 18 stuff without logging in.

  1. So after you’ve got the restricted video content in front of you, go to the address bar and carefully examine the address. In this case, we have a Harlem shake video URL.
  2. Now remove the watch? and = elements leaving out the v in between.
  3. Add forward slashes on both sides of v like so – /v/

You can hit enter now and get down to whatever business you were planning for, without even logging in or even creating a Google account in the first place.

Method 2: Using the Embed Code Link

There are other workarounds to bypass the age restriction warnings as well – ways that make you feel like a hacker with coding skills because that’s what you’ll be doing in this second method to watch age restricted videos.

  1. After you’ve got your restricted video content in front of you, scroll down and click the share button
  2. By clicking share, you’ll see a link in the share this video tab. Don’t temper with it and click on the Embed tab beside it
  3. Now you’ll see a box of HTML in it – in it you’ll see a YouTube URL for the video you want to watch, the difference is that it’s the ‘embed’ link to your video.
  4. Copy/Paste it without the quotes in another tab and hit enter to enjoy your age restricted content in full screen, without logging in. Bypass successful!

Just one drawback, you can only watch the video in full screen – so if you’re afraid of someone sneaking up on you from behind, then we’ve got another solution for that in Method 3.


Using HTML Real-time Editor to watch in Desired Screen Size

So what if you want to watch the restricted video in your desired frame size? No problem.

  1. Open the YouTube video you want to watch and go to embed like before in method 2, and copy the embed link
  2. Now go to htmledit.squarefree – an online html editor. Paste the embed code in the box and the video will appear in the visual frame below
  3. Now adjust the frame according to your desired size and click the play button
  4. Ta-da! You’re now doing two things –
    1. Watching an age-restricted YouTube video without logging in
    2. You’re watching it in your desired frame size.

So that’s about it, you can use any of these methods to bypass YouTube’s annoying age restrictions and avoid logging in every time. If you want to know which method is the most reliable, then we have to say its method 1 since you only have to change the URL. But if you’re sensitive about your theatrical experience and want to watch videos in whatever screen size you want, method 3 is the way to go.