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  2. Hi guys, I was recently reading an article about the Android phones in general. I was reading Android seem to be the poor man's choice, how true do you think that is? According to this map: Those red dots represent iPhone use, look how many people use those in Manhattan and not in Newark. Now look at the difference (android use): According this this it seems the poor tweet via Android, while the rick tweet via iPhone. How accurate you think this is? I'm an Android user and have been for a while, I had no idea this trend. The iPhone usage in Manhattan is stronger than in Newark, but it seems the divide doesn't stop there, because the Android usage is also strong withing Manhattan... in the poorest neighborhoods, of course. While in the richer ones there seems to be more iPhone users. If you want read more, then check this out: So, what do you guys think? Do you think this is an accurate portrayal of the iPhone and Android users?
  3. Quite accidentally I deleted some important files from my PC. It happened around one week back. After that I have used my PC only for internet surfing and some online works. Is there any chance for recovering those files? If possible, can I do it myself or I need to contact a PC expert?
  4. Hello all, I recently unlocked the bootloader of my moto g first generation dual sim variant and have successfully rooted it. Now I would like to know what are the best apps for my rooted phone and what things can I do with my rooted phone? Please suggest some good apps apart from Greenify as I have already installed it.
  5. I just purchased the Iphone 6 not too long ago. And, now I hear that they are coming out with the Iphone 7. It feels like I cannot keep up. I want to know if anyone is planning on purchasing the Iphone 7. Have you heard about any specs or features that will be beneficial to you at all? Or are you staying with your Iphone 6?
  6. I have been using Showbox for over a year and it is by far the best movie and tv app out there. It is absolutely free and has titles that are still in theaters. Everything has the option to stream in hd and there is only one ad at the beginning of each show or movie. Once you hit play it does take a minute to buffer, but from there it's smooth sailing. If you haven't tried it out yet I highly recommend it. The app blows Netflix out of the water.
  7. Netflix, as we all know, is a paid service, but according to TechCrunch ( they started to test showing teasers of their own shows before and after movies. Now that I could get, but could it lead to advertising? Sure they, like any other company, do little tests all the time and many things never get fully implemented, but while they say that no ads will be coming, will that really be the trught in the long run. Didn't they already bump up the prices before?
  8. Hello, I have a nexus 5 and for some reason, my computer does not support MTP, so I have to use PTP in order to transfer photos from my device to my computer. Here are steps: Items Needed: ​Device ComputerUSB CableTime Procedure: Before anything, make sure you have developer options enabled on your phone. In order to have them enabled, read this article: How to enable Developer OptionsAfter you have enabled developer options, connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable.Once done, you will get an option on your notification tray, on your phone called "Connected as a camera" or something similar. Click that, and change your options from MTP to PTP.Once done, go to settings, scroll to the very bottom, click on developer options and turn them on.Now, scroll down until you see "USB Debugging" and turn it on. You should now see your computer detecting your phone and it should start detecting the number of photos and videos you have. It asks you if you want to import pictures, however, I do not use that option because I like to do it manually so that I know what I am importing. So click X and go to file explorer and go to "This PC". Once there, you will see your device listed as a camera. Do not worry, that is how its supposed to be listed as. Click on your device and you will see a bunch of files. If you click on them, you should now see your photos.Go to your desktop and create a folder and name it whatever you want.Once done, copy all pics and videos from device to the folder you have just created.Once you are done, you may delete those pics from your device from the folders. However, do not delete the folders, I have never done it but I don't delete them because I am not sure if they would interfere with how your phone works. Its better to be safe than sorry.Voilà! There you have it. Items needed:
  9. Many of us want freedom and power to customize our smartphones. Rooting is one way for us to acquire this, gaining also the privileges to change anything in the system of our smartphones. Here is a tutorial of rooting your Android phone. Disclaimer: Rooting your smartphone can be quite dangerous and it can void your warranty. I will not be liable for any unwanted damage/glitch and bricked Android smartphones. Do it at your own risk. 1. Download the rooting package SPECIALIZED for the specific model of your smartphone. Do NOT use other rooting packages for other smartphones. It should be named 2. After downloading the file which will come in .zip extension, move it to the root of your SD Card, not in any folder. 3. Switch off your mobile phone. Press Volume+ and Power button simultaneously until the Android robot with the caution symbol (triangle with an exclamation mark) or rotating hexagonal ball shows up. Press the power button again to access the recovery mode. 4. In the recovery mode, use Volume+ and - to navigate and power button (or the middle of volume keys if that didn't work) to select choices. Go to Update from SD Card, a list of folders and files on your SD card will show up. Navigate until you find Select the file and when it prompts, choose yes. A process will show up saying that your phone is being rooted. Simply wait for it to finish. 5. When the process is already done, reboot your smartphone. After rebooting, look for the SuperSU or SuperUser app. If present, the rooting process is successful and if not, repeat the process.
  10. I am just curious if most of you download their music online and listen to their smartphones or IPod or you stream it online? I mostly download my music on the internet because it is free and I can just compile it in my Android phone. It is better to have your own IPod though. You can also stream you music online especially if your phone has its own internet connection or you are always connected to the WIFI.
  11. Which one do you prefer? I like Android the most because of the cheap prices of the phones, the custom ROMs I love tinkering with, the overall open feel to it and of course the fact that Android phones are mostly one step ahead in technology.
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