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  2. thank you very much for sharing best tutorial on how to root smartphone. KINGROOT
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  4. Yes, sometimes I stream and sometimes download music to my android phone. We have JIO SIM offering free internet till 31st March 2017. So, right now I am streaming movies on Cartoon HD, just because of free 4G internet.
  5. yes i too facing this problem, many time it frustrate me. so why not migrate to Showbox like me for the better experience without paying anything as subscription cost. get more info from here
  6. i don't know, i never used iphone
  7. I use showbox on my smart phone its awesome app fro download movies online. but if i want to watch online movies on my smart phone like android and ios use onliney Mobdro Apk Apple
  8. Hi my friend. You can get the complete method of rooting your android phone below which I have shared since you may use Framaroot for that;
  9. Of course, thses files are not completely losing from android ,you can use some recovery tools to get back lost data from android in a more safety way, Android Data Rescuer that you can have a try , which can easy get access to the phone for scanning phone device,it is capable of recover losing photos from videos, messages contacts music, call logs, apps, etc. No matter you use which phone brand, Samsung s7/s6/s5, HTC M8/M9, LG G4/G3, Sony Z3, Motorola, . Sounds great, isn't it? How to recover picture from android phone? How to regain lost messages from android phone? How to restore contacts on android phone?
  10. I have a approach for you to move android messages to computer in 3 steps , Step 1:Install Android Data Manager on your computer , Step 2:Connect android to computer via a worksable cable and open it Step 3:Select messages you want to transfer and start to move To complete this program won't take a long time, you can follow the use guide to transfer your photos from android to computer ,
  12. You can easy to trasnfer your photos to computer with Android file Transfer tool.
  13. I know a special designed android data backup app,iPubsoft Android File Manager, just few simple steps to transfer everything from your phone to computer, and you just need enable use debugging on your phone.
  14. The best tutorial for file transfer from android to computer:
  15. Anyrooter is the program I used for rooting in past two years and they are a lot of tutorials about this:
  16. The deleted files are still sitting on the device once it was deleted by clicks. You can use data recovery software to get them back. Here is a quick tip: how to recover deleted files. It is still possible but not 100 guaranteed.
  17. The android device data transfer was a long question, i think it's very convenient to use a mobile phone file transfer and backup app to help, just few simple steps to transfer everything from your phone to computer.
  18. If you store your files in sd card, you can transfer phone to PC via USB. Personally, I prefer to use Android Manager or Android Transfer programs which can effectively transfer, backup and manage files on Android. See how to transfer photos from Android to computer.
  19. I got an to replace my LG G3. It is a decent phone. it is much different from android and i am leaning how to use it. one of the problem i came across is how to move data from G3 to iPhone 7. suggestions?
  20. Android. It gives me more flexibility.
  21. Samsung Galaxy Backup is a 100% effective software. It can easily transfer contacts, text messages, photos ,videos from android phone to computer . You just need to download and install it on your computer .Hence you can use this program to backup and restore your phone data with ease. How to transfer photos from android to computer
  22. I do prefer Android smartphones because there are lot of useful applications where no other operating systems cannot provide. See here are the examples of best free apps which can be high paid apps. Showbox movies app for Android Cartoon HD for Android PopcornTime Android app Whatsapp
  23. To backup android data, you need an android assistant, you can transfer or backup text messages, contacts, photos, and other media files like videos, music files. And which allows you to view them on PC, so you can choose selectively and freely.
  24. well, Showbox is the really unbeatable application for movie streaming. Try Showbox new 4.72 version.
  25. Hi guys, I was recently reading an article about the Android phones in general. I was reading Android seem to be the poor man's choice, how true do you think that is? According to this map: Those red dots represent iPhone use, look how many people use those in Manhattan and not in Newark. Now look at the difference (android use): According this this it seems the poor tweet via Android, while the rick tweet via iPhone. How accurate you think this is? I'm an Android user and have been for a while, I had no idea this trend. The iPhone usage in Manhattan is stronger than in Newark, but it seems the divide doesn't stop there, because the Android usage is also strong withing Manhattan... in the poorest neighborhoods, of course. While in the richer ones there seems to be more iPhone users. If you want read more, then check this out: So, what do you guys think? Do you think this is an accurate portrayal of the iPhone and Android users?
  26. Quite accidentally I deleted some important files from my PC. It happened around one week back. After that I have used my PC only for internet surfing and some online works. Is there any chance for recovering those files? If possible, can I do it myself or I need to contact a PC expert?
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