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  1. I used to be one of those persons when I was a teen, @pwarbi I found out about the overwritten thing when I needed to use one of those softwares that are used to retrieve deleted files. A friend told me about it, and told me about files being always there until overwritten, because we count with a finite amount of space. It's funny, I didn't think it worked that way, but after he told me it made a lot more sense than imagine that those files disappear in thin air when you hit delete , lol.
  2. Actually I have noticed a lot YouTube stars are no longer happy with how YouTube and adsense are handling the things, specially ads placement. It's sad but true, it seems my favorite YouTube stars are making much less money, thanks to horrible ad advertising, because they are doing it just like they do on TV (ads before a video, ads in the middle of a videos, etc.). They are making much less now.
  3. Same here, I try to find games I can play offline as well. It's always to have a couple of those in case you do need to kill some time. Lol, that is kinda rude, but I have done that when someone is not directing his or her words to me, but someone next to me. Specially if I don't like that person much or I'm just genuinely bored. I've noticed a lot people use this as a route scape. I might as well at my in laws house (they did something awful to me), so I guess I will pretend I am super busy and keep on chatting with friends on whats app... Because well, it's quite awkward already!
  4. Heh, I don't quite get the point of this, for that I'd need to watch a video of how this is used, otherwise just forget it. I think tech is getting more and more strange each day o_O I'm sorry but I fail to imagine how this is supposed to work ( bear in mind I've a brain tumor and some days I am more confused that others), is it just me who feels this way?
  5. Yes, and even then not all the developed nations are the same. I've noticed the people in the US have more and better online job opportunities, better than other developed countries. Like for example Canada and the UK. But you can still find opportunities if you live in any of those two countries, but outside from there? It's when it gets hard, even if you live in Europe, because many employers won't fire people whose mother language is not English.
  6. It depends on where you live. Where I live the online job opportunities are extremely limited, but other countries like the US and India have benefited greatly with all those job opportunities they can find online. In my country we have very little options, so little I can count them with my right hand. So it really varies from country to country.
  7. We have the same issue here, the husband o a girl I know got killed over a stupid mobile. It was so sad, he left behind two little children. It's crazy to think people are willing to kill for something as meaningless as a mobile. It's so sad, but fortunately his doesn't seem to be happening as often as it did some years ago.
  8. That sounds awesome! My device came with an app that is supposed to make it easier for me to use Chinese o_O Odd, considering this mobile came from the UK, and I don't even speak Chinese. Saddest part is that they give you no option to delete such a thing... it's so frustrating. They should at least give us the chance to delete those apps individually.
  9. Agreed. But at least deleting a colleague won't immediately get you in jail But if other ''evidence'' is present then it could be taken as a very strong part of evidence, that in itself is scary. Imagine if they did that in Europe? I'm just glad I no longer use social media, no use for me at all anymore, in the end no matter what use you give it: there is always contact with some drama.
  10. Wow, it's been a long time ago indeed! So when you have to wait somewhere for a while, let's say doctor office or something like that... what do you do to spend the time? Read? Because sometimes I do that, sometimes I take my study material and check it out over there, read a bit complete a couple exercises and the time usually flies
  11. This reminded me a bit of Ashley Madison, but without the divine intervention I was reading it's possible to search and see if one's partner is in that list. From what I read it's also possible to see if that person was listed as married, attached, etc. So I bet you a lot marriages are on the rocks right now thanks to this info breach. This goes to show modern technology will fire back if we got something to hide. I think this is good, so more people think twice before making such a huge mistake.
  12. There is only one mobile game I play when I am at home, that's the ''Sims Freeplay'' game. Other than that I don't really like to ''waste'' my time playing mobile games at home. Because in my opinion those games are better suited for when you have nothing else to do, like for example when you are waiting at a doctor's office or something like that I have also seen people playing with their mobiles while waiting for the bus or using them as a distraction during other similar situations. I think mobile games are perfect for those situations, because then you have no choice but to play, so I think that is the main function of those games Some people say: ''uh mobile games will never be as good as PC ones'', but of course! I agree with that, but mobile games are not really thought to be played at home, they are mostly created just for you to pass the time during short waiting periods. But I do know people who play mobile games at home, I am one of them As I said I play the Sims Freeplay at home, mostly because it's the only game I truly enjoy and it also requires internet connection. Plus there is always a new quest. I don't play with it for more than 10 minutes though. But generally speaking my longest playing sessions take place at the doctor's office My favorites are: Bio and Plague Inc. What about you? When and where do you play mobile games?
  13. Do they have internet explorer for Android? o_O For reals? I thought they'd quit working on something like that, since IE for the PC died when the new Windows 10 OS was released. But it's interesting, because as far as i know there is no MS edge for Android yet, but I as I said I am not even sure.
  14. Yes, I hope so! I hope the lives of a lot of those persons change for good once this is done. I also can't imagine what I'd do without the internet, to be honest with you I have no idea how i could live without it. I now can't imagine my life without it, I could live without a TV but not without a computer with internet.
  15. Oh, in that case I think you are fine without it Tapalk is only used for online forums and other communities, it's supposed to make the navigation much easier and also makes it easier for you to find new forums and communities to participate in. I've found some really cool forums dedicated to my hobby: nail art. Love it!