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  1. Totally agree with you and, ultimately, bootstrap provides is as better options when it comes to create a web template system and is much more professional the use of Font Awesome icons and Glyphicons, that common smilies, emoticons, emojis or whatever you want to call them.
  2. Whether on mobile or computer, I'm convince now that new multimedia implementations are taking place. This week I found myself accessing pages where videos or other multimedia content didn't want to play, and Google Chrome warned me about Java and Flash not to be longer supported sooner.
  3. I couldn't agree more with you. However this is the part where the end consumer has to make a wise decision. Get a Toyota (Android) that is going to provide great performance with a service (apps) anywhere, of to get a pricey Ferrari (iPhone) that might not server at all, may lack of service in the city they are, but provides with a shinny prestige aura.
  4. Both of you are right, I suffered from similar issue many years ago and found the battery, which was not as small but like a plain dime coin. Of course, size of this battery may vary, and replacement is cheaper if you get it from places where batteries for watches are for sale, because is just the same some of these use. At technology stores they may invent this something truly special and might be pricey.
  5. Ah! Now I see why I'm also getting backs some programs running at startup by default despite I thought to have disabled them. Thanks for the hint
  6. I have found that registry and other files on Windows 8 and above version are not being touched by Glary Utilities at all. This could be a built-in feature in the operating system to prevent sensitive files could be affected, or simply a problem related to the software itself. When I first tried Glary Utilities (and TuneUp Utilities) the software was aimed for 32-bit systems, and actual OS runs on 64-bits.
  7. After Windows 10, it's supposed no new operating system will come across for the years to come... Or at least this is what was said not long ago. Just last night, however, I came across with the news; "Microsoft Launches Linux Operating System -- Yes, Honest!" Read on: Full article is here, So, what are your thoughts on a fully-featured, stand-alone Microsoft Linux Operating System?
  8. Anyone using WordPress as default software for online projects should be aware of the news, read on: Read full article here, So based on the above news a question arises, is you WordPress properly secured to avoid this type of threats?
  9. Actually fake reviews are part of the available jobs listed on freelance writing websites in an attempt to make those reviews look real. We can easily detect fake reviews when the rater says "great app," "nice" or is congratulating the developer for the good job when everybody else is complaining because the app is crashing or didn't work. However paying for elaborated reviews that extend more than a paragraph probably has an ultimate goal; convince you to buy the pro version of something that may result in a rip-off.
  10. If you would ask me two write down a to-do list of things to do when it comes to keep using a new computer, you will find me adding "DISABLE WINDOWS UPDATE" on top of the list. While I have to admit that the operating system needs to be up-to-date to avoid security threats, improve performance, and get it running smoothly, I refuse to have Windows Update enable to do the job automatically because of bad experiences in the past. Microsoft will do this job efficiently until they decide it's time for you to upgrade your OS. At this point, Windows update will install a fishy update or patch that is going to make your actual Windows version crash over and over until the day it does not longer works come up, hence you will have to upgrade forcibly. Happening to me with Windows 95 first, then with Windows 98 and finally I learned my lesson and once Windows Update was disabled, never happened to me again. I refuse to let Microsoft rules my life (nor Google, Facebook WordPress, etc) so I will make the decision to upgrade when I want, not when they want. I still may install updates from Microsoft, but downloaded manually after confirming they won't change my setting to get me abiding by the rules of their game, not mine.
  11. Personally I don't find what the fun of emoji is. I mean, these characters and emoticons have always been there but under different name. About having WordPress fixing the issue with French or any other ISO-8859-1-based keyboard, forget it, they are always focusing on UTF-8, which is a web useless standard unless you are using Chinese in your WordPress (or any other website) setting. English-based keyboards have no issues displaying UTF-8 characters, Chinese and other weird keyboards either, but all people using keyboards with accents and special letters such as "Ñ", "Ç" and others (Latin1) will keep having this problem including French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and other keyboard ISO-8859-1 layouts. There is a workaround however; set your database collation to latin1, and the default WP character set to ISO-8859-1 making sure to have your db backups done with this same pair setting, or your data will be messed up by UTF-8.
  12. At last! I've been waiting the dislike button for long time, and now that the profile of Mark Sucker-berg comes over and over as "suggested" people to follow when I open Facebook, I know whose profile is going to receive my first dislike, hahaha
  13. From my standpoint selfie sticks are plain and rampant consumerism and personally wouldn't buy one. If I would like to take a crazy shot of me, I would find a way to achieve it, but never buying to satisfy the market's hunger for money.
  14. I had a surge protector connected to the wall outlet and then my computer connected to it. However I was in need to use my electric convention over for more hours than I thought electricity could hold without having excess heating that could cause an accidental short circuit. While the surge protector worked fine with the computer for long time, it was practically melted by the oven excess heat despite this protector was supposed to resist temperatures above those of the oven, so this is what I can add about using surge protectors; might work for moderate power-consumption device, but depending on wattage of the equipment, a voltage regulator could make a more efficient job.
  15. I had lost this thread but let me tell you guys and gals that I tried all the advised sites and methods, and managed to get some apps, but yet most of them had limited number of them. While downloading from a developer's site should be the right alternative, not all developers have available the app from their own websites, probably because they monetize from these through Google Play. Te fact is that I'm going to try APKmirro as you @gagywii are now suggesting, but let me take this chance to share another resource that I found in my quest to find a way to get those Play Store apps. This is APK Pure, a kind of search engine that allows you download from its website any app in the Google Play Store, just copy and paste the URL into their query from to download it,