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  1. Come on, seriously? I will not miss it at all, I just wish I could try the new Microsoft browser in older operating systems, but I guess I will have to install 10 to try it.
  2. Yep, $10 for a smartphone is something that would make me think twice, because if it has that price most likely it won't have any quality. Or it has a contract attached?
  3. That might happen, places where a lot of USB sticks enter are prone to getting virus. At the same time Kodak is a huge company, so I am really surprised that it happened to you there!
  4. Do you really think so Alex? Actually I feel that selfie sticks are still booming and they are everywhere! I really cannot imagine myself carrying one of those, I find them absurd!
  5. These days, the fact that it syncs with my other devices is important. Along with sync the speed as well of course, I mean, how annoying it is that sync takes forever?
  6. Gmail is nothing extraordinary, but it does the job effectively. Yahoo is not bad, but it's definitely the worse from these three. I never had an account with them, but I haven't heard many good things.
  7. I was watching a movie the other day about internet security, or better said the lack of it, and it's a little scary because all our life in online, so identity thefts, cyber-bullying and other situations are becoming more and more common.
  8. Credit card is safe for online purchases, I never had an issue, considering the computer is not infected with something. Sure, Paypal is way more convenient because everything is just one click away, but credit card is a valid option too.
  9. Just today my work computer was like dying, super slow, when usually it's a fairly fast computer. Finally I got a message that I needed to restart to conclude the updates, so here we have another reason, it might be downloading or installing updates.
  10. The read bird, really? That guy might look funny, but my favorite one is the orange bird. If we manage to launch it to the right place it can cause a massive damage.
  11. With the announcement of the new releases the market was not too excited, at the same time I think that was a reflex of the previous launch of the bendable iPhone6... iPhones will always exist.
  12. Gmail is totally reliable, so they have that going on for them, but at the same time it's a simple interface with not many functions. I mean, we send and receive e-mails and that's pretty much it, unlike
  13. That's what I think too pwarbi. Microsoft has established an almost monopoly and after doping that they relaxed and the results appeared, but they were not good. Above all I feel that Microsoft OS are released with too many bugs, how can that happen?
  14. That's what they do, it's a fact. I feel that the quality of Apple products is not as different as Microsoft ones, but they do have a better marketing. Finally, they test their products properly and that makes a big difference.
  15. Funny enough (or not) Google develops tons and tons of sites, so that is changing the way we live as well. Google better than anyone understands how the net works, so eventually that is their core business apart from the search engine?