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  1. @SundayDrivah, are you talking of the gif format for the pictures that move? For an update, my wife bought another Samsung yesterday, the J7 model for 13,000 pesos, that's roughly $300. She settled for a Samsung so she wouldn't be alienated with the features since the operation is practically the same as her old Samsung. She is now in the process of installing apps. Hopefully this new phone will last for 3 years like its predecessor.
  2. I learned Android in a tablet for I had a smart phone just lately. Even if the tablet's screen is much bigger than the phone, it's really hard for me to type. I'm very adept with the normal keyboard and I cannot imagine a computer without a real keyboard. When that tablet's battery gave up, I didn't bother to have it replaced since I don't use it often.
  3. I used to have good eyes until the first micro computer in the office was assigned to me. After that Apple computer proved productive, the other small computers were ordered. Although the screen was not graphics yet - no Windows, just plain MS-DOS text - my eyes deteriorated and I was prescribed eyeglasses to remedy my continual headache.
  4. I didn't know that Google had come out with a smart phone. And now what I am reading is already the problem. With that cracking glass, the basic approach is the material. Why don't other phones have that symptom? And what's the difference when it comes to material of the glass and the phone's case where the glass is connected. We all know that some solids contract or expand depending on the temperature. So that may be it.
  5. When the touch screen came out (for the smart phone and tablets), I was thinking if the keyboard can be replaced. And then here comes the diagnosis from one magazine the phones are very convenient to use although the touch screen gives difficulty in typing. That gave me a relief. I cannot imagine myself without a keyboard. That's one of the reasons why I seldom use my phone for the internet, the touch screen keyboard gives me stress.
  6. Yes, I have noticed that there is only one model of iPhone. With Samsung, I am getting a headache in understanding which is which. They have the S model and the Notes and another which I forgot. Maybe I am not really fond of phones since those new models don't appeal to me. Or maybe I am just a cheapskate, waheehee.
  7. The phone is running good with a loaded battery. The only problem now is how to charge the battery because the phone does not charge the battery anymore. Obviously, the phone has a problem so it is imperative to buy a new one instead of spending for the repair and the phone might just break down again after a few months. Last night, we had a final decision to buy another Samsung although my wife would inquire on a Sony for comparison. Again, thanks for the comments on this thread, a big help to me.
  8. Thanks very much for your opinion, @SundayDrivah and @nytegeek. My wife is not really considering the iPhone although I had suggested that she includes that in her list of choices. The prohibitive cost of the iPhone makes it impractical to purchase. That Samsung is already 3 years old so maybe the cost of that is already worth the service it has given my wife.
  9. As per my post in another thread, it seems that my wife's Samsung S3 is going to the trash bin. It's less than a year when it was repaired due to a bloated battery. This week, it wouldn't charge due to a leaking battery. It still runs though when the battery is loaded but it still cannot charge even a new battery. We are contemplating on what phone to buy - an expensive iPhone or another Samsung or Sony? What are the concrete evidences of the iPhone's advantage over an Android phone? The cost of an iPhone is almost double that of other brands.
  10. I understand the campaign to get support from the public particularly from the users of smart phone. But I cannot understand that portion about "Then put your phone charge as you sleep." Suppose I downloaded an app against prostate cancer, what then happens when I charge my phone when I sleep? Or maybe I got a wrong undestanding of the term? The title itself is already intriguing - idle phone can help cure cancer.
  11. Here's an update of the problem. When the new lith-ion battery was inserted, the phone was running smoothly. But last night when the new battery needed to be charged, there goes another problem - the phone would charge. So I guess the phone has been affected by the leaking battery. The phone will be brought to the technician today. If the cost will exceed $30, my advice to my wife is for her to consider buying a new phone.
  12. It seems that the smart phone is in the limelight again. After the rumor that the cellphone can cause cancer as a result of excessive exposure to the radiation that it emits, now comes the problems that are caused by smart phones with the eyes. But this issue is very probable since over-using the eyes can lead to eye strains. Screen graphic of phones have glare so that is it.
  13. If you remember the problem of my wife's Samsung S3 when the battery heated up and bloated, well, here's another case. Yesterday her phone wouldn't charge and everytime she would connect it to the charger, the lowbatt sound is emitted continuously. And then she noticed the wet portion of her phone. When she opened, there was a speck of fluid in the battery where the bus line is situation (the copper that is the conductor for charging). It seems to me that the battery has a leak so I advised her to remove the battery and go to the tech today (it's Monday morning) for diagnosis.
  14. If that scheme works out then that's the prediction of our boss - the television will be eclipsed by the popularity of youtube and other video providers in the internet. The only deterrent or obstacle for now with the scheme is the slow internet access. With this youtube red, the viewer has the convenience of choosing what he wants to watch unlike in the tv where there is a program to follow and there's no way of deviating from the program except by changing channels.
  15. I've heard of that technology that uses iris (not sure if this is the exact part of the eye) for recognition. As in biometrics, those eye password is now being used by big companies for the high security areas. But controlling the computer with the blink of an eye, I don't think that is practical.