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  1. Your password troubles and the windows version are likely separate issues. Migration of local accounts to the modern setup is something a monkey could accomplish to be honest. It is not hard.
  2. @Amenda Security refers more to firewall and antivirus than anything else.
  3. Check the current version of the BIOS against the version you are upgrading to. Also it may be a good idea to obtain a copy of your current version should you need to roll it back for any reason. Use a reliable power source. Don't trust your battery with a laptop. Plug it in. Use a UPS with a desktop if possible. Ensure that you have the appropriate boot media for your system if needed. In most cases on modern systems the process can be completed with a utility that runs in Windows but this may not be the case with older systems. You may need a bootable floppy disk or CD-ROM for the process older systems. For modern systems that use an executable within Windows it is a good idea to ensure everything is patched and up to date before you attempt the firmware upgrade. Also close any unnecessary programs that may be running before you start the process. The utility for upgrading your BIOS will vary by manufacturer, but is usually a straight forward process as long as you take some simple precautions and read the documentation before attempting the upgrade.
  4. No they weren't. There where stylized small aircraft that were called flying cars more for marketing purposes, but no, you can't accurately call those flying cars.
  5. @Darkan The earlier models of cell phones were not built to last longer and they certainly weren't the high quality that some people think they were. It just seems that way because current models are under more heavy use and have updates more often. I wish people would lose the nostalgia filter. They had tactile moving parts that constantly and easily wore out or broke and limited functionality.
  6. There have been projects for cancer and a wide variety of other diseases for about 15 years at least now. The only thing slightly new about this is an app to do it with a smart-phone. It isn't the most efficient way to do distributed computing though. They are probably just trying to get more participation. This is being done with game consoles as well. A number of medical projects have come and gone over the years for the B.O.I.N.C. platform as well.
  7. Your experience with that S3 is a fluke and it had more to do with the battery itself than the phone. I would say that you should stick with a newer Samsung if you are willing to spend money on an iPhone. If you have battery problems with an iPhone, and trust me it happens, you can't even open it up and check it. Well, you can if you have the right tools and know how, but doing so will void the warranty.
  8. This is just distributed computing. It isn't new or innovative. It has been going in in various forms for a long time now.
  9. No it isn't. They aren't even close to conquering anything. Growth isn't a sign of overtaking or conquering a competitor.
  10. Actually it is off topic. If you read the original post you should understand that. I watched the episode and it barely touched on the subject matter of this thread at all.
  11. Shonda Rhimes may make good drama and interesting stories, but it stops there. There is absolutely nothing real or believable about any of the characters or their professions because there is no accuracy. The people writing the show don't seem to know the difference between a doctor, a nurse, or a tech or anyone else that works in a hospital for that matter. The show has people performing procedures and doing tasks that they simply would not be doing if they really had the respective jobs in real life.
  12. Android vs. iPhone is an imaginary construct. As I have already pointed out at length and in detail it is a faulty comparison. Furthermore if it was a valid comparison numbers would indicate that Apple lost this battle in every possible sense a long time ago, but fortunately for them it isn't.
  13. Taking notes is a necessary exercise in research and in writing, digital or otherwise. Now I know why younger people tend to post so much unsubstantiated FUD online. As for rote copying of text, that isn't taking notes. The idea behind copying is that one will be able to quickly and readily recall the meaning of the material the more one repeats it, it is not the same as taking notes. Most teachers don't do it out of laziness contrary to what students may believe. It is a time tested practice that is used in educational systems world over for a variety of subjects.
  14. Not most people. Just ridiculously shallow ones that like to waste money. Again, a faulty comparison.
  15. This is an extreme over simplification of things. A well secured, properly configured, and well monitored computer system does have a a measure of real security. It isn't just an illusion. It isn't an easy or simple thing to break into most systems. It takes a measure of knowledge and skill that the general public usually does not possess. "Adam Ruins Everything" is hosted by a comedian and is slightly educational but mostly sketch comedy. Getting your information from it is almost as silly as all those people that got their news from "The Daily Show" with John Stuart. It isn't very accurate in many cases and is more about opinion and laughs than reality. The angle they put on everything is designed to get ratings from a specific demographic more than it is to disseminate any real facts. The episode you are referring to is "Adam Ruins Security" and it is the second of 7 episodes thus far. It isn't internet security specific or even on topic for this thread at all. It is clearly just a ratings grab and not a useful commentary or documentary of security. At best it is highly editorial work that doesn't give a complete picture on the arguments presented. The part about Tylenol completely left out the reason for it being advertised as safe especially where children are concerned.