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  1. Why would they and why should they? They're the owners of the Android and it's making them a fortune. Not to the mention that I think Android is slowly but surely taking over Apple in the Smartphone Market. Okay, there's still a huge amount more of the population with iPhone's but Android is catching up.
  2. I have an Android phone but I prefer gaming on iOS. Honestly, iOS has more exclusive apps and games that you can play and normally there's more variety. Also, I have a better experience gaming on iOS because of the performance.
  3. Currently, I'm stuck with my Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini which I got about 6 months ago on a contract. Although the contract still has another 6 months remaining, I'm thinking about what phone I could get next. I was thinking the Samsung Galaxy S6 but I need some opinions. Is it worth getting the S6 or is there not that many changes to it?
  4. I've been using Google Chrome for years now and I've had no problems at all but I recently came across FireFox (I already knew about it) and have been using it for the past month and honestly, I'm finding it much faster than Chrome. I still have Chrome installed as I find there's no point in deleting it, but, I'm starting to think Firefox is better. Thoughts? Firefox or Google Chrome?
  5. Honestly, I prefer Anti-Malware Bytes over all other Anti-Virus software. The reason for this is because of past experiences. Previously, I've had viruses that couldn't be found by other software but Anti-Malware Bytes was able to get rid of it easily and effectively. Not going to lie, Norton is pretty good as well, but since it's paid, I prefer to not waste money.