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  1. There also seems to be a trend now of potential employers checking out job applicants on their social media, to get a better view on if they'd be right for the job or company or not. While they might say that they're just being careful, and the information is out there to be looked at so they're not doing anything wrong, I don't think it's right that they can decide to employ someone or not because of a social media site profile.
  2. I do think that television companies will go off ratings on these sites a lot more than they probably should to be honest. Over here in the UK there have been a couple of shows that have received low viewing figures, been cancelled and then another channel as bought the rights, persevered with it and eventually it's become a massive hit.
  3. I think some repair shops will try and get more money out of the customer, especially if they feel that the customer can be easily led, but if you take it to a reliable place I think you should be safe enough. Shops like that will rely on regular custom, people that will recommend their service to others and will keep coming back. If they're taking advantage of their customers, in the long term they won't be doing themselves any favours.
  4. If you're not convinced by the tech, then there's nothing to stop you from taking it to another one for a second opinion. In general though I think the days are gone were repair shops will try and pull the wool over people's eyes and in most cases they can be trusted. It's not unheard of for a power surge to fry the motherboard so it could be the case that's happened in this instance.
  5. I think with any sort of payment platform, it will only be as successful as the amount of places that decide to employ it. If there's a system that's the best in the world but only one store for example decides to use it, it won't be as popular as a lesser system that as a multitude of contracts with different vendors.
  6. While like I've said I don't think Facebook will ever be a threat to YouTube, but if I was one of the smaller video sites I might become slightly more worried. YouTube I think will always 've the first site that people will visit when it comes to watching videos, but if the second site they use us then Facebook, sites like dailymotion and vimeo might be under threat.
  7. There just seems a lot that could go wrong, and while technology is supposed to make things easier, on this occasion it just as though there's too many issues that need to be addressed to make it a worthwhile concept, that's worth pursuing
  8. That's also another trend that mobile games especially seemed to have latched on to, and a lot will require you to spend your own money in order to advance to future levels or to get advanced packs to more your game a better experience. Even if I was a major mobile game player, I certainly wouldn't be wasting my own money on things like that.
  9. Well that's probably true. The courts do have tendancy to change their mind as often as the wind nmwhen it comes to cases like this. Give it ten years and multiple leagal battles and we should have an outcome. Nine years after everybody as stopped even caring what happens.
  10. I agree and it could become the most successful idea ever and some people won't change the way they have always done things. A lot of the time, aswell as people not liking change, its also a generation issue and people will tend to stick with what they're used to.
  11. And your still a fan of Apple now, after all this time. Personally as I and a few others have said on here before, I think Apple will start to become less and less popular as time goes on, unless they manage to do something pretty quickly.
  12. Of course he's got a point. It's just a Shane that everybody is so blinded by the marketing and advertising campaigns that they can't see through the fog that Apple have created. I'm actually surprised that this story got any news coverage at all with Apple seemingly being the darling of the media as well
  13. It seems that a lot of games have gone that way, and they'll make it so you have to log in everyday to keep the game going. A very clever marketing trick indeed, as not only does it appear that the games more popular than it is, it also keeps people interested and willing to invest more time (and possibly money) into it also.
  14. I'm not sure that you can really blame Windows 10 for the fact your DVD player as stopped working though to be honest. Microsoft get blamed for a lot of things but this time I don' think they're guilty and you might be wise to look at other reasons. I'd imagine the fact it happened just after you updated was just a coincidence.
  15. Also, as what's already been pointed out, the chrome OS uses the memory of a device far better than any other OS does so for those that not only want an easy to use device, there's the advantage of the memory aspect as well.