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  1. I use Dropbox occasionally. The only feature I use is the public link feature. If you have downloaded Dropbox on a few computers and the error message is the same, there's a high probability there is an issue with the installer itself. Just to eliminate a network issue, could you download the installer on a computer that's on another network?
  2. This is now live. Enjoy.
  3. I've been wanting to replace my iPad Mini 2 for almost 2 years now. I wasn't happy with the Nexus 9 last year and was hoping for a better Nexus tablet this year, but it looks like there won't be a Nexus release this Christmas.
  4. I don't think the free version of WordFence helps you block such attacks. It's useful if you need to run a scan on your WordPress site. It basically compares your PHP files with the default WordPress files and asks you if you want to restore to the original. You can also compare both files and see what was changed. However, the goal is to prevent such issues from happening and I doubt there's a free plugin that does that.
  5. Just an update that this will be coming soon. We don't have an ETA yet, but it will be here. You can basically just select the text and quote just that.
  6. How did you figure @nytegeek was an IT expert from his profile picture?
  7. I don't see a problem? Your post is there, its not hidden or anything. ModSecurity would give you a 403 error page not found or something like that. What you experienced is probably an issue with the forum software and we need more info to fix that.
  8. We have enabled ModSecurity on our servers so if you're experience any errors (that may or may not be related to ModSecurity), let us know.
  9. If you really think about it, its about keeping your information safe. There shouldn't be any compromise when it comes to keeping your data safe. As computers and internet become faster (making it easier to brute force passwords), having a complex passphrase is important. Notice I said passphrase and not password. A password which is nymphomaniac123& is less powerful than lastsundayiWenttomymom5hous3.
  10. 2 thumbs up for mobile authentication. Authenticators have been around since forever. If you've work in companies with really strict IT policies you would have been in contact with RSA authenticators etc. Even has a mobile authenticator.
  11. You can actually set the price and budget yourself. Depending on area, it goes as low as $1 per day. The success of your adverts are determined by a few things: Are you targeting the right audience?Are you using the correct ad method? CPC or CPM?Are you targeting the correct placement on Facebook that your site supports?There are a whole bunch more but I want to touch on point 3. Take for example you're allowing ads to appear on mobile as well but your site is not optimised for mobile, you're not going to do very well. If you're spending just $10, you can't expect a ton of traffic. I spend up to $20,000 per campaign in a month and we normally run a few campaigns, some work tremendously well and some, not so well. The goal is to stop the non performing ads, tweak it and run it again. A/B testing helps a great deal. A simple rule to keep in mind when running digital ads: If you're using CPC and there's an expected ROI, you'll notice that 5 clicks isn't going to get you any conversion as compared to spending $1000 and getting 500 clicks. Hope that helps.
  12. We first noticed something was a miss when we kept receiving alerts of disk io going through the roof. I guess I was sloppy in finding out the root cause, I just took it that some guy was going batshit crazy and running a lot of backups. I didn't bother much because if he screwed around too much, LVE would kick in and deal with it. A few days later I received an email from another user complaining that he could not send any emails to Hotmail. Error message showed that our IP was blocked. I did some digging and found that the server was listed in the Composite Block List (CBL). Well... Fuck. More on Kelihos here. Looking through the mail queue gave us the answer as to which site was compromised. Question was, how was the site compromised? After checking each individual site, the issue was isolated to only one website. Some obfuscated code was present in each .php file on the hacked site. Something that looked like the below: According to, the code allows the attacker to append any HTML or Javascript. By this time, I have no idea how many spam mails were sent but there were about 15,000 emails still stuck in the mail queue. This proved to be a very expensive lesson for the site owner. He was running an outdated version of WordPress with a custom made cart plugin. I suspect that the plugin was the source of the vulnerability. The site owner was not willing to spend money on a service like Securi to get his site fixed and he did not have backups. The only option left was to shut his site down. Key takeaways: Keep your site updated.Have lots of backups.Try and stay away from custom plugins unless you're very sure they are secure.
  13. Facebook adverts is a pretty good alternative to search and display ads. If you're a power user or if you're managing a few businesses, check out the Power Editor, its more powerful than the normal ads manager. Basically you can build an audience using web traffic, target specific pages etc. You can create the ads then upload it at a later time when you are ready as well.
  14. Hey, I apologise for not being on here much recently. I'll check it out.
  15. Lol! I actually burst out laughing at this. Thanks for making my day man.