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  1. Hello eveyone, in this topic I would like to discuss the customization of the windows desktop. Have you ever customized your desktop? Do you have a favorite theme? What tools do you use for customization? As for me, I'm currently using a theme named dark windows 7 theme and have a lot of rainmeter widgets with information related to temps, free memory and RAM usage. I've been watching a lot of tutorials but I could use some insight and help from other users from this forum.
  2. I have never owned a tablet, but I've been checking the windows based tablets and I think I'll definitely pick a surface pro during this year. I'll use it mainly for work out of the office, reading every now and then. I think I'll also get the keyboard with it because for me it's more comfortable for work. As for screen size 12 inches is more than enough for me.
  3. Hello everyone, I recently got a new android phone (moto g 2014) and as I was deciding what phone I wanted I noticed there are a lot of qualities that can make one phone (or tablet) more attractive than the other and not only the brand or the looks of it. In my case I decided for the moto g because of the good price tag for the performance it has. Another quality important for me is the battery, I am able to charge my phone only once a day and use it a lot when out, so battery is a really important thing for me. What is in you opinion the most important quality for a phone?
  4. Nowadays it's really hard for a phone to get bricked, most of the time the tutorials are really detailed and if you follow them word by word the risk is minimum. I root all of my android phones mainly because that opens a lot of apps that need superuser access, some for customization, some for debugging or development. At the end of the day is a matter of whether you need said apps or not.
  5. I've been using microsoft security essentials, which is free and Malware-bytes free edition, both cover IMHO most of the needs for the everyday user, at the end of the day the most effective anti-virus is oneself, a little common sense and doing some reading when installing and downloading stuff from the internet can save us all from a lot of headaches.
  6. I don't think there is ONE best distro, mainly because there are a lot of distros with different applications and for diferent things to do. So far I've been using linux mint for an old laptop and arch for a little home server I'm running, I don't think buying a book for ubuntu is the best choice, try looking for youtube videos, that's what I did and for everyday usage it's pettry good. Once you master the basics try going in deeper little by little.