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  1. She is such an incredible writer, her posts on depression were amazing and the dinosaur costume post made me laugh so much. I haven't picked up the book yet but you remind me I need to! I've just been rereading the Maze Runner series before I watch the new movie, which I love way more than I should. The writing isn't great from a literary standpoint but something about it makes me really emotionally invested. I'm about to pick up The Martian by Andy Weir because I've heard a lot of good things - I think a movie version just came out too, so I might look into that afterward. Obviously I can't review that one yet
  2. Since my post earlier in the week I've tried it out, and it seems average at best They have a list of activities to chose from in the sports section, which is missing most of what I want in it, and there is no "other" option. It also doesn't track from my pebble (the article said it supported third-party wearables, but I guess this only includes samsung ones from what I can see) and the caffeine monitor is just "one caffeine. two caffeine" so you can't really track items with more or less caffeine in them (unless you plan well ahead and account for 3 for each coffee, 1 for a soft drink, that kind of thing). And this one is probably just me, but I don't like that it requires me to put my name and birthday in (I can understand age, but birthday annoys me).
  3. It really depends on the circumstances. When it comes to pawn shops it's generally going to be one of three situations: it's a stolen object, a broken object, or someone desperately needed money. Unfortunately you can't generally tell - although you could ask if it's okay to turn it on and have a look in terms of the second. Generally better not to risk it in my opinion, as there are more bad ways it could turn out than good ones.
  4. I've been doing this with filters for a while, but it's good to see they are making it easier for people!
  5. By all means, none of us are obligated to agree on things. And I understand that having a father addicted to gambling does tend to skew someone's view toward the all-bad side. Just remember that a lot of people engage in casual bets/gambling without ever getting to the point where they lose all their money or can't stop
  6. It's definitely nice that an all-in-one program like this is becoming more widespread. Most of the current apps are either too specific so you need multiple programs, or cost a fortune to buy. As far as I can recall S-Health was supposed to be free or near-free? I'll have to look into it further. I wear a pebble at work to track my steps etc, but the companion apps for it are all just terrible. Maybe this can be a solution
  7. I don't agree. They can be a lot of fun if you aren't using them excessively, some people like having the motivation of money to do well rather than a free game where the results don't matter - it pushes them to try harder. It really comes down to the person using it. I don't have an addictive personality, so if I lose money on something like a lottery or a bet, I don't feel inclined to bet again and try to win it back, I can just say "oh well" and move on. People who lose a lot of money and have bad experiences are people who have a problem, the sites and programs themselves are not inherently bad.
  8. As long as I can remember that has been a feature, because often people hold a conversation on a post in regard to what was posted. If you are constantly getting messages you don't want, you just need to get into the habit of turning notifications off as soon as you comment. You can also change your settings to limit some of the stuff you get notifications for, but not everything.
  9. Survive? Sure. But bear in mind things like refrigerators are technology too there are definitely perks to having technology. On the other hand, I don't understand people who complain about kids that spend a lot of time using their gadgets. There's nothing wrong with being in touch with people a lot, it just means they don't have to clog up the phone line. As a kid I had a lot of weekends where I didn't get to talk to my friends because we had places to be and things to do so we couldn't hang out. I envy kids who can chat and exchange cool news without having to wait until Monday.
  10. I didn't say they don't slow it down, but that doesn't matter for my work computer. Data safety and privacy matter, I don't need a super fast computer for work. Each scanner runs once a week and they pick up things the others don't. There's no way multiple programs can make virus problems worse.
  11. Judging by that bit I would assume that when they got an anti-virus warning they went "nah this is fine" and allowed it access.
  12. I've had a lot of issues with AVG not picking things up, unfortunately. My work computer runs three softwares for this reason, although my home computer is a lot less guarded.
  13. I feel like if you're doing anything online that uses money, you need to be really careful about viruses and the like. There are plenty of free or cheap anti-virus programs out there, and while they can be annoying to have, they're worth it if anything like this happens to you.
  14. I've never even heard of this being a thing before. If it ever comes up for something I really want to watch then sure, but it hasn't so far.