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  1. Now it is time to update Windows 10 which is the first major one since its launch. The update which is known as Threshold 2 is free and would be available through Windows update. Post update Windows 10 will be able to boot 30% faster than Windows 7. The update also has new business features to help IT administrators. With regard to Microsoft Edge you can have additional security features and improvements in its performance. A new feature called Tab Preview will let you see the preview of a website by just hovering your cursor over the tab. Microsoft is doing their best to make Windows 10 a wonderful experience for the users. Windows 10's first major update
  2. That is really scary. Cars flying over in a dangerous way! I think it would not be a success in any way as cars are not built for flying. Even if you want the cars to fly, it should have gone through a thorough make over in its design. A more aerodynamic structure needs to be designed for a flying car. I think a helicopter would be more convenient than a flying car. In future we can expect a helicopter without fans so that it can land anywhere, anytime without any disturbances.
  3. Yes, that is a handsome amount of money and people will get attracted to it. I think it is a good strategy to make the game popular provided you have enough funds in hand. Moreover, once the game is a hit, word of mouth publicity would be enough to keep it going. I am sure more game developers will follow this strategy very soon to capture the market. I think it will not be too difficult to win the Game. Otherwise it will loose its steam in no time and people would never waste their time on something which they cannot win.
  4. I think Internet Explorer has to go a long way to reach to the standard of Mozilla Firefox. I believe IE is not much user-friendly like Firefox in any way and at times it really slows down. The overall ambiance of IE is not so attractive when compared to Chrome or Firefox. I have never tried Microsoft Edge till now. Hope it will be entirely different from the current version of IE and will enhance user experience.
  5. I read about this earlier and was quite surprised to know this. What would be the business strategy behind this? May be this is only a beginning, there must be an understanding between these two mobile OS giants for a strategic partnership. But it is good to see that a healthy competition is going on between these two. Yes, we don't have to buy an iPhone or iPad to enjoy this app any more. I think Apple Music will have a wider reach now as it becomes available in Android too. Let's hope for the best.
  6. I too heard that taking break in between really help our eyes to relax. But to be frank I could never do that in my life. I spend hours in front of computers without a break and always ends up with a headache or burning eyes. I think after sometime I too have to wear glasses for proper vision. But I never spend too much of time on smartphone or other small screens. I use anti-glare glass on my computer which is said to be good for eyes. Hope it helps.
  7. Google was already present in the market with an Android phone. But it was not a success when Samsung rules the market with its innovative models. Google phones were the first ones to get updated to the new Android version called Marshmallow. I too think that it got some problems in the materials used for making that phone. The issue happens when it reacts to the changing temperature conditions. That is the only reason I could think of at present.
  8. Users of new Google Nexus 6P is facing a strange issue of suddenly cracking glass. The camera glass on this new smartphone from Google has been spontaneously shattering without any apparent reasons. The company has got no clue about why this is happening? But one common theory is that it can happen when metal parts of the phone expand or contract in extreme heat. Suddenly cracking glass in Google Nexus 6P
  9. I think there is still a large group of people who prefer mouse and key pads. I think you can't get that speed and comfort by using a mouse with anything else. But yes, typing can be replaced by voice commands and I don't see it in near future. Even though voice commands are easier to use, its practical use is still a question. Different types of pronunciation is a bottleneck in voice commands.
  10. Yes, I agree that it is not a new thing as distributed computing already exists for long now. But taking advantage of this technology for something like cancer research is a new idea I think. May be I have never heard of this before. I think it will get momentum gradually as cancer being the most dreaded disease of modern times. Hope this can help us in finding out a fruitful remedy for this killer disease.
  11. Another positive thing of an Android phone is that you can have a wide variety of models to choose from. There are too many players who offer good Android phones at cheaper rates. I think you can also explore HTC if you are keen to buy an Android phone. On the other hand iPhone is limited to Apple only and there are hardly any choices to make. Moreover it is not worth to buy considering its high price tag. If I were you, I would have gone for a better Samsung, Sony or HTC phone instead of an iPhone.
  12. That is really very unfortunate. Hope what you mean to say is that it "NOT" charging. In such case you may end up spending more than the price of a new budget phone. Phone makers also encourage to buy new phones instead of getting it repaired. I got a similar problem in my phone and I finally bought a new one instead of spending too much on the old set.
  13. Yes, you can help the cancer research by downloading a free Android app called DreamLab. Then put your phone charge as you sleep. You have to choose the type of cancer research you would like to support - breast, prostrate, ovarian or pancreatic cancer. This initiative is undertaken by Garvan Institute of Medical Research and Vodafone Foundation who want to create a super computer which will use the free power from your smartphone to accelerate cancer research. You can nominate how much mobile network or WiFi data you would like to donate. As per management with 1,00,000 apps on phones, the team could process the data about 3000 times faster! Just imagine how effective it could be. How your idle phone can help cure cancer!
  14. I think you are lucky that you could locate the leakage well on time. It could have spoiled the entire handset if it was not found on time. By the way how old was it? Hope it is a very old battery. My laptop battery does not hold power nowadays. I think I need to check for any leakages in the battery like this case. The system alerts me to replace the battery at the earliest.
  15. But Facebook is gradually conquering the fields of YouTube. Facebook has been in news recently for its enormous growth in video views. But the fact remains that in YouTube a 30 seconds view is considered as a complete view whereas in Facebook it is less than 10 seconds. Facebook is definitely going to be a threat to YouTube in coming days as it is continuously improving its video sharing/viewing experience. Yes YouTube is more established as a video sharing platform, but who knows what future has in store. If YouTube has to survive it has to come up with some innovative ideas.