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  1. I stream music on pandora and spotify. When using pandora, i keep notepad open in case I find a song which i really enjoy. I then later create an mp3 version of the song via youtube.
  2. Can anyone recommend to me a plugin (paid) that would help secure my wordpress site? I just need to make sure my online store side of the website does not get compromised. Thank You
  3. Does anybody here have any knowledge about whether or not WordFence security works? I have been using the free version and it seems to be doing its job correctly. I was reading that it provides a false sense of security though. Anyone more familiar with this plugin?
  4. I currently use the plugin Wordfence security. Does anybody know whether or not this plugin is beneficial or if its a simple gimmick. I always believed the site was safe with it running but all these hacks have gotten me slightly nervous.
  5. Battery life and processor power are qualities which are indispensable to me. I would trade a good camera, design, and sleekness for those two qualities.
  6. If you dislike stock applications and bloatware this much, invest in a phone that comes with the vanilla version of the operating system. An example would be a device from the Nexus line.
  7. What plugins do you guys generally use in your Wordpress page? Any recommendations or plugins I should just bluntly stray away from? Also, what (Free) theme do you guys think would look nice for a medical organization.
  8. I believe that Iphone and Android situation will be like most pricey alternatives. If you use the concept of cars, most people buy Toyota, but that doesn't mean Ferrari is out of business.
  9. My favorite camera app is the google camera. It is simple, does what I need to, and has various features which I use from time to time. Recently however, I have flashed an HTC camera application on my rooted android phone. I did not list it as my favorite since obtaining this camera application is more or less complicated to the average user.
  10. The swiftness of updates, size of battery, and processing power is what makes or breaks a phone for me. It needs to excel in these three categories and it will gain my liking. These are simple requirements which do not require much effort to put into a device. Size of screen comes last in my opinion. I however would prefer that the screen is at least 1080p which is normal since we do live in 2015 after all.
  11. My favorite phone is the Nexus 6. There is bias in this statement since it is the phone I use. I bought it because it is a flagship with lots of processing power and ram. Yes, unlike most users, I am required to use quite a bit of ram to run analysis on various things. It has a great camera as well with turbo charge. I have no complaints really.
  12. I have been using Android since it was released on cupcake. I have owned both and iphone and an android at different times. I found very limited when using Iphones. Android is a much more open OS. This is a personal opinion, most people have no idea what can be done with an android. These people should stick with an almost idiot proof iphone.
  13. In my opinion, this is a terrible upgrade for the phone. I am not sure why nobody is bringing up the insane amount of batter drain. I would rather have a 1080p screen with a 6000+ mah battery. We need to increase battery quality first otherwise there really wont be enough time to even use the phone throughout the day.
  14. Android has taken over 80+% of the market. It's data cannot be compared to a 10% market share which iphone's have. That is foolish and messes the data up.
  15. Windows 10 is definitely worth the the upgrade. Most of the negative press it has received is clearly nonsense which is based on lies. For the most part, windows 10 is a solid Operating System. Take advantage of the free upgrade, I doubt you will regret it.