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  1. I think the problem solved itself. Don't know how it got fixed, but I hope there won't be more problems with it. Of course I could disable DSR and then all the problems would be fixed.
  2. Different tools for different fools or how was it. For instance, the only reason I hoped my mother would have gone towards Android over iPhone is the fact that I can do tech support a lot better when working with an OS I am familiar with. She went for an iPhone which is better for her since it's a lot simpler to use. The only thing I've had the displeasure of working with is iTunes which is commonly known as being a huge POS.
  3. Regarding phone browsers, there's Firefox too, which is pretty fine. Have you tried it? Instability in 5.0 is surely a thing the Opera devs will fix since it's a matter of optimization for the newer OS version.
  4. The brand loyalty is more about the fact that it's hard to switch your OS since everything you have is tied to it. But the thing is, many of my acquintances are switching over to Android or WP the next time they're getting a new phone, since the iPhone battery life, the perceived fragility of the screens and the overall closedness of the OS isn't worth paying the price for a new iPhone. But I think Apple has some things going on for them too. They have a great PR department, their phones last for ages and don't slow down too much and they've really nailed the easy to use thing. About the phones lasting for ages, a 4S is still a viable phone and I know many people who are still using one. Of course a 6 is better, but still, it's quite impressive how a 4 or so year old phone is still quite good.
  5. Yeah, they would be supporting piracy. It was all a misunderstanding that had pretty widespread results. Mark my words, there won't be a free legit Windows 10 for pirates. Microsoft doesn't really have a reason to do so.
  6. No, no it won't Apple is losing people all the time, many of my friends are getting tired of Apple's shit and switching to Android. Their Watch won't be any better than the other ones. The only good thing about Apple is their PR department.
  7. Which one do you prefer? I like Android the most because of the cheap prices of the phones, the custom ROMs I love tinkering with, the overall open feel to it and of course the fact that Android phones are mostly one step ahead in technology.
  8. I think the Apple Watch is gonna flop tbh. From what I've heard it's an unpolished smartwatch which does the same things all other smartwatches do, but costs twice as much. I wouldn't buy it even if I was an Apple user. I would go for a Pebble then. I am using a G Watch at the moment.
  9. Most of us have heard of the rumor about Windows 10 being free to pirates, but it didn't take long until WIndows 10 was confirmed to be non-genuine for pirates. It's kinda old news already, but I just want to make sure everybody knows that.
  10. I am fairly certain that there's an Xposed module to fix all those problems. So I suggest rooting your device and then getting Xposed framework and then add the module from the framework or from XDA forums.
  11. Linustechtips released this video a few weeks ago and I thought I'd share. I have an MSI 4G Gaming GTX 970 which comes with the feature, but someone with a card that doesn't have this feature can have it now too. What fanless mode does is it disables your fans when they aren't needed, making your rig even more silent.
  12. I wrote a guide on CPU Overclocking and now I am gonna write one on GPU overclocking. What you're gonna need for this is MSI Afterburner that you can download from MSI's site and the GPU heaviest game you own or 3DMark or Furmark or something along those lines. MSI Afterburner is my overclocker of choice and works with all GPUs. So first off, you're gonna want to google other people's OC results on your GPU. The results are often measured in the amount of clock speed raised (like my silent fan profile is -63 gpu clock and 0 mem clock.) So, let's say your GPU has been proven to get +60 GPU and +200 mem clock. In that case you would want to put your clocks to 45 and 180 respectively and your voltage should be around 110% of the normal voltage. You're gonna want to do a 10 minute benchmark with some of the aforementioned software. If it's stable and everything is fine and there's no visual artifacts, start pushing the GPU clock up 5Mhz at a time. Do the benchmark and then raise the clock more if it's stable. Rinse and repeat until unstability. Then you're gonna want to lower the clock by around 10. Now you've got the GPU clock ready. Then you're gonna want to push mem clock just like you did before, and when your FPS or scores start lowering, you should lower the clocks by 20 or so. Then you should save your OC profile and get going with even more power. If instability or high temps become a problem, cut down the oc by a notch or disable them totally.
  13. So, CPU overclocking seems intimidating to many people. I thought I'd write a short guide on overclocking AMD CPUs the easiest way. It should be said now, that CPU overclocking is relatively safe, but if you fuck something up, it's not my fault. You won't get the best clocks this way, but it's easiest this way. So first up, you want to download AMD Overdrive, which you can find from the AMD website. Once you have Overdrive installed, you wanna open the Clock/Voltage tab in the application. You should start pushing the clock ratio one notch at a time. Once you've pushed it up one notch, you should apply the clock ratio, then restart your computer and then run the stability test with all the test options on for around 5 minutes the first time. If your computer doesn't freeze, you can push it one notch higher. At this point do the same as before, but run the stability test for 10 minutes or so this time. once you reach the crashing point, lower the speed one notch. Then you should start upping the voltage a little on every restart and still doing the stability tests. Once you reach a point of crashing, take the voltage down a bit and then try to up the CPU speed again. It should go higher now. Once you find a point where it starts crashing, lower the speed a notch or two. If everything's gone well and you have adequate cooling, you should be fine now.
  14. Well, good if you figured it out. I might've misunderstood your original message, I was really tired when I wrote that. Defragging should be done as often as possible, for instance once or twice in two weeks. Defragging an SSD is a big no-no, because SSDs don't fragment and defragging them just shortens the life of an SSD.
  15. I can't tell you about official updates, but by custom ROMs it should be possible. Tinkering with custom ROMs is also really fun and educative. I suggest rooting your phone too. It's impossible to use ROMs otherwise. XDA forums are your best bet when getting into custom ROMs.