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  1. These scams will always exist, they take advantage of popular things (INSTALL THIS TO GET FREE <random facebook game> COINS!!) and unaware users... Facebook has made some efforts to avoid similar scams, advising the user when they're doing something unusual. There is a like4like website where you get, for example, 300 likes in your profile photo (real, it works), but you must provide them an URL which contains your cookie (they explain you how to get it, basically allowing full access to a FB app) and then your account is being used to "like" other people's photos. Now, Facebook inmediatelly tells you to not share the URL, "keep this secret like if it were your password". Also, they added a mesagge in the Javascript console, where some scams told you to enter a long javascript code to "Enable secret features". Just look this picture. Hopefully all these things help non-tech savvy people keeping their accounts safe.
  2. When you get those random visual glitches, does the touch works fine? And are you using the original charger?
  3. I have a Moto G (1st gen, the 2013 one, what a strong thing!) and the USB charging port is being weird. Sometimes it charges, sometimes it doesn't. I tried other chargers but I'm sure that the port is causing the problems. I can plug it, leave it alone in the table, then randomly it stops charging. I'll wait for a month and get in my hands a Moto X Play.
  4. Actually, it's pretty cool. Youtube supports 360 video too, when used with the Google Cardboard. You can check it out in your PC (no facebook login needed), it works with your mouse, mobile devices might be able to use gyroscope and offer a better experience. Here it is:
  5. They introduced 360° video for some people, so it's clear that Facebook wants to get presence in the video area too. I don't think that Facebook will replace YouTube, they're different and contents generated are in a different context. They will eventually coexist.
  6. I'm not sure how the app positionation works, but considering what I see listed in top recent apps, popular, best, I think that reviews are more useful to rank up than downloads number, and when the app makes it to the top, the download number starts increasing, it's like investing in reviews to get positionating in the featured apps and get tons of downloads.
  7. Maybe 8 months, when I bought an iPhone 4s. My friend showed me his Galaxy S2 and I loved the design, the screen and the features that Android offered, and the microsd slot lets you have a 32gb phone without spending a lot of money. And the apps were getting to a similar level.
  8. Hopefully it gets good acceptation and developers start releasing updates for older devices. If not, I expect that developers keep supporting them. CyanogenMod with android M can help to make older devices get their slice of the cake.
  9. I ocassionaly play GOW 1 and 2 in my old, yet working PS2. I like the saga, and it's nice to replay some stages, brings nice memories. It'll always feel good if the game has replay value. And sometimes I launch Project64 and play some classic 64 games, mainly Mario and Zelda.
  10. APKMirror is a good source, there are people testing the apps and comparing hashes them with the Play Store to make sure it's untouched. I don't know if they have an application, but the website is mobile-friendly and works fine.
  11. You need both HW and SW support. The usb port in your phone needs to be able to energize the usb device you're connecting. And you need software to add the device to the system and assign it an internal partition (Linux-based mounts). Some phones, for exxample, some versions of the Samsung Galaxy S2 lost the OTG support when upgrading the Android OS. You just needed to modify some system files and OTG started working.
  12. I have tried something similar and it works fine, but when you try to use features like 3D HW acceleration for gaming or video editing apps, audio sequencers/synthesizers it doesn't perform good. Audio cuts and frame skips everywhere. But for some basic tasks where you don't want to deal with WINE, is perfect.
  13. I think that Bluetooth was not designed to transfer files at huge speed, instead, it guarantees lower delay and latency than other inalambric solutions like WiFi. That's why it's used to play audio (A2DP), remote control features (keyboard, mouse), and so on. My dad and I use the phone synced with the car using RSAP (Remote SIM Access Protocol), it lets you make and receive calls in another device (Car+BT hands free) using your phone's SIM card. And the most used, A2DP for bluetooth headphones. Having no cables feels nice