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  1. Can't day bypass this somehow with VPNs? I mean, yeah, it's not a solution to make everyone, who want to use Internet normally, to connect via VPNS, but still better this than nothing.
  2. I've just realized that my nickname might seem like it's linked to the forum's name. I didn't this on purpose... or maybe i did subconsciously?

    1. nytegeek


      Yeah, no. It really doesn't.

  3. Yeah, that was right call. I saw that topic when i was checking if my suggestion wasn't already posted before by someone else. But selective quoting would be very user-friendly feature imho.
  4. How is that even possible? Playing emulated games on a touchscreen is painful as long as it is not a turn-based game. I don't know about quality too... when it comes to graphics, yeah, there are some 'enhancements', but the only reason i would emulate anything on smartphone, would be not wanting to carry too much gadgets in my pockets.
  5. Naah, it's not all that boring, but yeah, restrictions may be pain. Especially if you're are aware of them ;D Many users just don't care, cause it does what it's supposed to pretty well. Even if he's tech savvy, Apple can use what it put there pretty well. These things are quite fast and stabile and hard to brick even if you mess around with them. As for those, who won't jailbreak and are aware of its existence - well, some might be scared of losing warranty or afraid of damaging software - even if most changes can be reversed. Not all of smartphones users are into techy stuff
  6. Hi folks! I'm generally interested what's your opinion about jailbreaking i device. The iOS9 is already here and judging by the efficiency of famous hacker groups these days, there is no question that it'll be jailbroken sooner or later. Are you guys going to use it on iOS9? I personally won't update my phone until there will be possibility to do so. There is just too many good things that come with it. Even Apple sees it and implements ideas of developers from Cydia store to their official OS. Let's take multitasking for exampe: in new iOS9, you can actually run two apps at the same time on split screen now! Well, on jailbroken iOS 8.1.3 you can do it exact same thing. Even on phones There is many, many more awesome things. But what do you think about it?
  7. This might sound silly, but did you tried to... turn it off and on again? Just don't use the default method to do so. Try to turn it off by holding home and power buttons together until device will turn (might take few seconds). Then turn it on and check if sound volumes were reseted.
  8. Hi! Either i can't find it or there is no selective quoting on the forum. Since this feature got popular over websites i visit, i can't get used to forums without it. This feature would make replying to specific parts of given post or even multiple posts much easier and the replies themselves much cleaner and easier to read. I believe there already is a working modification for this exact purpose for IPS. Hope you'll consider checking it out.
  9. isn't perfect too. On my older laptops, it can make the fan go nuts. And i'm afraid it can't be optimized or more like nobody cares. If it only had performance of Flash and the rest of its own features, it would be just perfect. There are plugins for browsers like "HTML5 Video Everywhere!" but i don't know how it works exactly and probably it still needs Flash to be installed. You can give it a try, though.
  10. My profile pic says it all, but to those who don't recognize - it's Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. I always was more of a Sony guy, so i never actually owned any newer Nintendo console after Game Boy and Game Boy Advande (most of games released on those aren't my type of games), so i chose PSP over NDS. I never got Vita, though. The only game i was interested in on Vita, was refreshed FF X (i had it on PS2 and i still love it) and the rest of games were more of an indie games - which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but for such kind of games smartphone was more than enough and i considered Vita too powerful for a handheld to just play technically simple games, so it wasn't worth buying for only one title i actually wanted to play on move imho.
  11. I would love to, but it got deleted after purging the system off of the nvidia-related files. It just contained some comments and a line that was basically saying "blacklist nouveau" or something extremely familiar. The modprobe error started to show up when i removed that line and remained after apt-get remove nvidia-* --purge. Even though i deleted everything nvidia-related (the file mentioned above too). So something more "native" to the OS itself must've changed in the process of me being stupid.
  12. Kind of console experience, am i right? Jk, jk. The first game would be a hard nut to crack, as it became old pretty quick - and i was playing it, when it still was fresh. The second one is ok., but the third Witcher is the real gem in the franchise. CDPR's game are only getting better, just wait for the Cyberpunk 2077
  13. And i've experienced them quite recently on W7. After update to v~19 (latest, anyway), it keeps freezing Firefox. D'oh, before I updated, I saw 4 Flash processes. Two of them were version 18 (the previous one) and other two were v11! It scared me, as there was some kind of critical exploit in the older versions and even though i updated Flash, it still was running some old versions in the background. Like what the hell?
  14. Hi, i'm facing quite annoying error after messing with Nvidia drivers on Debian. Basically, i wanted to install Nvidia drivers instead of Nouveau, but apparently my gpu isn't supported anymore and i needed legacy drivers. As i'm quite lazy sometimes, i thought that Nouveau actually will do But i got tired of nvidia's driver nagging about the dependencies and i used package manager to delete the first thing with "nvidia-driver" in its name. Then obviously everything stopped working as it should. After reboot i was left with only terminal. So i searched through modprobe.d catalog for a file, that might be blacklisting nouveau. I found something called almost literally "nvidia-blacklists-nouveau.conf". So there was a line about blacklisting nouveau and i removed it. Then i used update-initramfs -u . After reboot, the screen resolution was appropriate again, but during boot procedure, system started nagging about this "bad line". Fast forward a couple of hours - i installed the incompatible nvidia, so i could properly remove nvidia-related stuff once and for all with apt-get remove nvidia-* --purge and it fixed the problem with missing GUI, so GNOME was working again, as did Nouveau. But the annoying Modprobe: bad line 1617: 1 tokens found, 2 needed at the boot remained and i can't get rid off it. OS is running fine, it's just this one little thing that's getting on my nerves... Do you have any suggestions, guys? Sorry if it's too chaotic, but i'm little bit tired.