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  1. This topic really made me smile and laugh out loud. Honestly, I am neither a fan of Bieber nor Smith. I admit, Bieber has some good songs but his actions has overwhelmed the goodness in him. Since it's just about choosing between the two artists, I'll go for Jaden Smith. i haven't heard any misconduct or misbehavior of Smith, unlike Justin who has been in a lot of troubles. That's just scary.
  2. This is a good topic since there has been an issue about copyright infringement recently. Perhaps many of you heard about "Blurred Lines" song by Robin Thicke along with T.I. and its songwriter Pharrell Williams. They lost the case when Marvin Gaye's family sued them for the alleged copying the tune of Gaye's old song. Ever since, many artists and songwriters now are aware in this issue. With regards to sampling or something what we call 'interpolation', It is rightful that the original writers or creators of a song should be paid and asked for permission. One of the songs I heard recently that sampled a song was Natalie La Rose's "Somebody". Good thing, the creators asked permission for using the melody and some words from the late Whitney' Houston's hit "I Wanna Dance with Somebody:. To end this and as I said above, sampling or interpolations in a song should pay or give credit to the original creators or artists.
  3. Music used to be my friend when I have no one to express my feelings. I searched for songs that fits my mood, likewise, whatever I am experiencing at the moment. Music comforts me when I am sad. It makes me feel that I am not alone experiencing adversities. It awakens my blood and keeps me at the right mood. That's why I thank God for creating not just human but also a gift that people can enjoy which is music.
  4. Since I am a music fan, I used to check the lyrics or the meaning of popular songs today. With regards to subliminal messages, it can be true, or maybe not. Oftentimes, people gives their own meaning and apparently not proven. As I said, I often check the lyrics of a song. I noticed that artists or songwriters don't have to hide the meaning of their songs as it is very obvious. I mean, most songs now uses euphemism or even direct words about sex, violence, or anything that's not widely acceptable for many people.
  5. Hello guys and gals in this site! I am newbie and willing to have open communication with you all in this site. By the way, I am ipol12 as you see in my username. I am very glad that I am able to join this community. I used to be a music and entertainment fan so expect to see me in those areas or sections. I write blogs about mainstream music and other stuff that interests me. I also write about sign language which I have been in this field for 9 years. So, is this the start of the fun and sharing knowledge? Let's get it on guys and gals.