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  1. LOVED that series! The struggles of humanity was really brought out in this movie. It is pretty sad when a school teacher has to take that route to support his family-but if I was dying and had nothing else to lose......
  2. Yes! Books are expensive-especialy when you have children!!LOL! I have a huge bookcase full and 3 big bins-guess i'll save them and see how much they sell for in a few more years! Wonder what they may go for when soft and hard covers are no longer available???I guess book collectors will be on look out:)They do take up space-but to interactively hold an actual book versus a tablet has more value in the old sense.When children begin to read-it is best that they get a 'feel' and turn pages-and visually see and feel the pop outs. However,new technology fits in where humanity is going-cold and rushed:)