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  1. I saw a review on YouTube, Windows 10 on a mobile device. It looks very good. Just I don't know how is it when you play games.. I like the tiles, is that correct, tiles? Everything looks premium
  2. Maybe it will be possible to jailbreak it again Maybe Apple does not know how to stop that We will see
  3. I don't have that problem...Have you updated that app? You should contact them, they will help you.
  4. Yea. That is why I suggested you to play it I could play it all day without problems and it's very interesting to play it
  5. That is similar to Google Now. We can set an alarm via Google Now. Maybe with that app they will add much more features and that would be great from them
  6. I've played Subway Surfers long time ago. I agree with you that it does not take much of battery. Regardless, it is very interesting to play it.
  7. I think that Skype is safe. I remember I was reading some news regarding Skype. "Skype does not want to give an account information where thieves were discussing.." Something like that. So, Skype is safe!
  8. Totally agree with you. For me the speed is also the most important thing and the battery life of course.
  9. I'm glad that Microsoft has abandoned that browser. I've never used it before. It was really slow and buggy. I hope they will make a good browser now. When I install Windows 10, I will know
  10. I am happy for you Good luck with your job.
  11. Answer this questions: - Do I play games? - Do I travel a lot? - Do I need a powerful computer? 1. Yes No Yes - Buy a PC 2. No Yes No - Buy a laptop 3. No No No - Buy a laptop 4. Yes Yes Yes - Spend $1000 on a laptop
  12. Are you angry? You just look like a smart IT guy from Microsoft.
  13. Hello my friend. You can try a game "Fruit Slice". I play it and it is very good. Also you can check "Hill Climb Racing. I am not sure will they "eat" your battery, you can try.
  14. I know that regarding warranty. I've been using Nova launcher for two or three months, it's very good launcher. But, now I need something different. Yestertay I was reading about custom ROMs, like CyanogenMod and I will try to install it. Thanks for the reply.
  15. I have Clean Master installed on my device. You can also install CM Security (Clean Master family). Very good apps. With CM Security you can lock any app on your android device. Try it I use it almost 1 year...