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  1. The best tutorial for file transfer from android to computer: http://www.androidphonesoft.com/resources/android-file-transfer.html
  2. Anyrooter is the program I used for rooting in past two years and they are a lot of tutorials about this: http://www.anyrooter.com/tutorials.html
  3. The deleted files are still sitting on the device once it was deleted by clicks. You can use data recovery software to get them back. Here is a quick tip: how to recover deleted files. It is still possible but not 100 guaranteed.
  4. I got an to replace my LG G3. It is a decent phone. it is much different from android and i am leaning how to use it. one of the problem i came across is how to move data from G3 to iPhone 7. suggestions?
  5. Android. It gives me more flexibility.