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  1. Earlier this year, Google posted a threat to rival companies Apple & Microsoft to fix their vulnerabilities within 90 days or they will be made public. Only after ramping up their security vulnerability research, Google decided to become the watch dog. Their claim for doing this is to help keep governments and hackers out of peoples systems. When the deadline was reached and missed by their rivals, Google kept its promise and posted their finding on its corporate site. Was google right for doing this or was it a snitch move?
  2. At the Windows 10 preview, Microsoft also unveiled a version called "Windows Holographic". With this platform, glasses called HoloLens were introduced to work with it. The glasses will not only work on the visual, but it will track voice, motion, and surroundings to heighten the experience. Continuing on the Holo trend, HoloStudio was also displayed. It is a hologram creation software that will allow 3-D printing as well as sharing. Who knows what they will come up with next to keep our attention. Last I read, Microsoft was working with NASA out at the Institute of Technology in California developing further on the holographic technology for future Mars exploration starting in July.
  3. Like others out there I also want free effective anti-virus software. I do however have to ask myself how effective will it be since its free. Does anyone else out there think good protection would be free entirely?
  4. Sorry to hear you are experiencing such unfortunate events with Apple. To have such a charge go through even accidentally for an app is ridiculous. Hopefully you wont be given a hard time when clearing it up.
  5. Welcome Greg. This is the place to get all of your computing needs taken care of. There are some good people here to share their opinions on many different topics. Maybe you'll even run into some worthy competition for your games. Good luck
  6. Currently I use Pandora for my music needs. I'm more of an old school music fan so that service works for me. I don't have a paid subscription so I get a commercial every so often but its not bad. Downloading can be a pain at times especially for your machine if you're not careful.
  7. So many possibilities as to why it was skipped. I never considered superstition to be a reason but I truly could be.
  8. What else do you expect from Apple but hype and high prices. Iv'e watched over the years as people stood in line over night if not longer for the release of a new iPhone. Is the camp out really worth it; when next season they will drop yet another one?
  9. You wouldn't really expect a major manufacturer like Verizon to encounter such problems. Then again, no technology is exempt from bugs.
  10. I haven't tried outlook in the past 10 years. Almost everyone now a days has yahoo or gmail. Is Hotmail really mandatory today? Maybe im just being biased.
  11. Where did Windows 10 come from? I myself am still using Windows 8 but have never heard of a 9. Maybe I didn't get the memo on the rule of version jumping but this has gone on for some time. The Versions went from "3" to names ranging from Me to Vista all of a sudden. I saw In an article that by count Windows 10 would actually be 6.4 so it leaves a question. Was all of this a publicity stunt to keep us feeling we're further ahead than we really are? Maybe someone out there has a simple explanation for the version jumps.
  12. The more information my phone can give me, the better. Too long have I questioned the location of certain callers or even the identity. For those with weak hearts, no longer will they be put into shock by pranksters. Seriously, as many positive uses, there can be negative.
  13. ​ Anyone who does any kind of financial check-up or banking transaction on their phone should really have some type of good security. It doesn't matter how much is in your account. Your money is your money and that should stay private.
  14. Some people use the finger print scanner in their phone as security. There is an article stating that can be a problem. A couple of members in an asian security firm found some flaws with the fingerprint method. They say hackers can use various methods ranging from a fake lock screen to gummi bears in order to capture a fingerprint. To all those who use this method I say beware.
  15. In 2013 Nokia made a deal with Microsoft to the tune of $7.2 Billion for its handset business. However, the contract states that Nokia would be able to sell phones again in 2016. Not bad for Nokia to get billions for a 3 year vacation. Now that 2016 is just over the horizon, Nokia has been back to the drawing board and getting their strategy together. Although there are no hints as to what their new android phones will look like or be capable of, the only known fact is that they plan to move their R&D to china. Anyone with more info or knowledge of this plan; feel free to share it here.