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  1. I do use Task Manager since it is the only thing installed in my computer. Process explorer is something new to me and it seems more advanced than the Task Manager. I use Windows 8 as well so I don't think it would be a problem for me trying this one as well. I am satisfied to Task Manager right now so I will just bookmark Process explorer for today.
  2. Hardstyle?This is just the same as Metal for me or rock. I listen to alternative, pop, classic and rnb more than these kinds of music genre. It is good to listen though to different genre of music such as this. Blutonium Boy sounds like those music background of online games.
  3. Yes, you really cannot do much with regards to the crack in your Ipad screen. You better get a new one because repairs will just cost you more. If you can still use the Ipad and there are no problems with the functions then it is practical for you to use it until you have the money to buy new one.
  4. How many hours do you spend listening to your IPod or mp3's? What genre of music do you listen to? I listen to my mp3 during my break time at school to let the time pass. I love listening to alternative, pop, acoustic rock and Christian music. Some of my favorite music artists are Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, One Direction and a lot more. Listening to music keeps me occupied.
  5. Do you still play the game Street Fighter? I have played this game before when I was 10 years of age. I love the Street Fighter game since I have interests in action and martial arts. It was like a year ago since I have played this once again. There are may online games nowadays like DOTA, Final Fantasy and more, but Street Fighter is just a classic game for me that I play during my free time.
  6. I personally use Spotify since these is the most recommended application for music. I have found Spotify in Google play and decided to download it and I am still using this up to this point. I have been using Spotify for about 5 months now. It is not that cheap though to have a premium account so that I can listen to music offline so I just use the free version since I have WIFI connection most of the time.
  7. Marvel characters are very popular especially to children and teenagers. Some of the famous characters are Spider-man, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and more. If you will be a marvel character what would you be? I do love Iron Man the most because this can be possible with the advances in our technology right now. Iron Man is something that can become a reality for us. This will be a great leap of our technology if we can make it happen.
  8. Do you watch the television show "The Big Bang Theory" as well? It is a comedy show about four scientist. I watched every episode of this television show and I have to say that it is a great entertainment. I most like the character of Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper, Howard Wolowitz, and Raj Koothrappali. They are the main actors in the said show. Of course, the female main actresses are just as good, but I prefer the character of the males. Sheldon is the main attraction of the show and makes me laugh everytime.
  9. I have been using the 360 smart security as well and it seems just working out fine for me. I have no troubles with virus or malware. There are times though that some applications don't work well and I think the problem is with the application and not the antivirus that I use. Using 360 is free and you can just download it in Google store. I am sure that AVAST is just as good.
  10. I still have mobile phones of Nokia like the old model 1100 and it still works. I will be looking forward for their android phones and hoping to see new improvements or innovations that will entice me to buy their phones. I don't have problems with their batteries before and how long their phones lasts, but I want something new from them that is not being offered by Apple, Samsung and other companies.
  11. What do you mean by B-movies? Do you mean Bollywood movies? One of my favorite Bollywood movie is, "Three Idiots". I have seen this a couple times now and I have learned a lot of moral lesson or teachings that I can apply in my personal life. Amir Khan is one of the best Bollywood actors that I have seen so far. He has other movies that I have watched and really liked.
  12. Do you watch the Game of Thrones as well? What season are you currently watching now? I am watching the latest season now of "Game of Thrones" which is season 5. Things are getting interesting episode after episode. The mother of Dragons is getting stronger and stronger and the other thrones are preparing for a war for the Iron Throne.
  13. Yes, same here bro. If you really like the song then you need to download it so that you can have access to it even if you don't have internet connection to stream it online. Streaming can just be used if you have access to the WIFI or mobile packet data connection all the time or if you just want to hear a part of a certain song.
  14. I don't really play that much, but I have games in my Android phones. I have racing games and puzzles that I used to play during my free time. I don't really play online games like Dota, Warcraft and more. It is good to hear members here though that have such interests about these things.
  15. You are surely behind, I am watching now the current episode of season 5. A lot of interesting happenings have happened in the family of Stark and with the rising army of the mother of dragons. The most awaited fight among the thrones is near so that is something to look forward into.