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  1. I just experienced using it in a cyber cafe. it is a huge upgrade from Internet explorer but it lacks a lot of features because its in an early stage. I tried using Google Chrome for Windows 10 and It is better. Microsoft really needs to do something if they wanted their new browser to be a hit. It is better than Mozilla Firefox though.
  2. This news is crazy: We know there is a rivalry between Ios and Android but something crazy and confusing just happened. One of the most popular built in app of Ios is Apple Music. Now you don't have to buy an Iphone and Ipad to enjoy this subcription app because it is now available for Android. They were offering some sort of Free trial too. Now it makes me wonder if Apple will make this app available for Windows phone users too. Maybe it could also be available for Xbox live or PSN network. Are you going to try this free trial?
  3. I log in to facebook using a UC browser because the Facebook app sucks. My first issue is it's search engine, Many search results can be seen with a browser but they were invisible in the app. There are many occasions when the app really runs slow but when I log in with a mobile browser, it works pretty much fine. My only reason to install the app is to save progress of my games.
  4. I will only use my tablet for games and videos only once I have a proper working PC. I am still saving some cash so I will be able to afford it. I think Windows have a Tablet with attachable keyboard and Mouse. I would like to afford buying that someday once I have better finances. It is really comfortable to type with a keyboard but the new generation I think will be more used to tablets.
  5. I am not sure if that format is GIF but Iphone can make animated pictures now. It could be using a different format. I am not sure if those animated Photos that Iphone produces can be uploaded in Social Networks like Facebook and Instagram. It is advertised a lot in their commercials of Iphone6. I am not sure if you had seen that commercial before.
  6. Google Maps is helpful to some travelers but cant use it without internet connection. Recently Google decided to create an update to make this app available even if you don't have an internet connection: I believe it is a great news for mobile gadgets users because they have to rely on Wifi to use this app. We know Wifi is not available all the time so this is a game changer for everyone. It is a great innovation that you can use if you are in a place with weak internet connection. It is only available for Android users for now but this update will be available for Apple users soon.
  7. @Alexandoy You can imagine how hard it is for me. I have no PC for a long time and all of my internet activity happens thanks to my tablet. I use to make a lot of typo errors but I am now improved. I still prefer an actual keyboard though. I hope by early next year I already get to buy a brand new spanking PC.
  8. If Drones will become a norm someday , I think kids should take robotics course. It will be a job that will safe from unemployment for a long time. @nailah783 Some packages are really heavy and that is really scary. A camera drone got a singer wounded during his concert. Those delivery drones were very risky when it comes to safety. Delivery doves, a lot of them get stolen. My nephew gets to catch one that is suppose to deliver a shoe.
  9. @Alexandoy But how about the animated pictures? LOL The pictures wont stay animated though if you print them. The animated photos looks cool though. If you wife take a picture in a windy place, You will see her hair move in the picture. Yeah it is not a necessity though, Its nothing but a Vanity. People crazy for selfies loves that feature though.
  10. I remember there is a proper way on how to look at computer monitors and mobile gadgets so your eyes wont go through much abuse. I wear computer glasses when I am looking at screen so my eyes wont experience much strain. I also take 10 minute breaks and do some eye exercise to relax my eyes from strain and stress. Eating food rich in lutein is also great.
  11. I remember in many scifi movies, those eye operated security can be fooled by contact lenses. I am not sure if that can be done in real life but finger print and voice recognition password sounded more reliable for me. I am sure some day, it might become a reliable technology but at this moment it wont be.
  12. Cheap batteries are usually faulty. You are right, Buying a new one would be a better choice but if that phone have sentimental value to her, then repairing it might be a worthy risk on her part. The charge port of my phone got broken and it got broken again, 3 months after I got it repaired. You will end up spending money with the same amount of buying a new one.
  13. The only advantage I phone have would be a more responsive clicking and the animated photos. Aside from that, everything it can do can be done by an Android operated phone. I would buy an Iphone if I can afford but at this moment, I will just buy a cheap but high quality Android by Sony or SamSung. The decision is still yours.
  14. I think there is now an internet connection that promises a speed og 1 Gigabytes per second. For sure people with such connection wont have problems with Hulu, Youtube Red, Itunes,Amazon prime and Yahoo screen. If the time when a 1 Gigabyte per second connection becomes a norm, Network television and cable will be in trouble. No wonder Many TV networks now have apps where you can watch their shows.
  15. If Google Glass will have a new version, this technology would be very useful. I know Google glass is seen as failure by many but if its going to be given a chance, This technology would be the best upgrade it is going to have if there will be a new model in the future.