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Found 52 results

  1. Google Maps is helpful to some travelers but cant use it without internet connection. Recently Google decided to create an update to make this app available even if you don't have an internet connection: I believe it is a great news for mobile gadgets users because they have to rely on Wifi to use this app. We know Wifi is not available all the time so this is a game changer for everyone. It is a great innovation that you can use if you are in a place with weak internet connection. It is only available for Android users for now but this update will be available for Apple users soon.
  2. I just saw the footage testing of Google's latest venture, it is the Google project Wing. It is a delivery drone that may change how things we order online or via phone will be delivered. Less people are now sending snail mail letters and post cards but people still do it for nostalgia sake but I have a feeling in the future, even the snail mail letters and packages will be sent by drones. I am not sure how proficient these drones were but I don't think I want fragile breakable objects I will order to be delivered by them. If you ordered a box of eggs online, would those eggs go to your home unharmed? This is the footage of Google's delivery drone: I am very skeptical about having things I ordered to be delivered by drone because just imagine if a bunch of kids with with slings see one flying around in the sky. I have a feeling that Drone salvaging will be a future crime.
  3. Few months ago I created a thread about Youtube's rental videos which are basically movies you have to pay for to watch. Now they were introducing a new service. It is called Youtube Red. This service reminds me of 2 different services. The WWE Network and Jay Z's Tidal. To watch original content on these services, You have to Pay a subscription of $.9.99 a month. It is going to have original shows, Just like how Netflix have the Netflix originals and its going to have Music videos and maybe concerts. It's subscription fee is much more cheaper than Tidal but I am still not sure how many people are willing to pay for this. The Purpose of Youtube Red is for creators and uploaders to earn from the content they create without worrying about adblockers. Many Youtubers have a decrease in earnings because of adblockers. Youtube and the content creators will split the revenue of Youtube Red.
  4. YouTube is such a big asset to Google that I believe it is one of the reasons why some people are actually using Google Plus. Recently there are now some people who are gaining internet Celebrity status with Facebook videos. At this moment Facebook videos cannot be monetized but there are already plans to monetize them. I started to notice that many Facebook videos are starting to get viral though some people illegally reuploads them on YouTube. I don't remember Dailymotion or Vimeo having their own viral videos but Facebook is now able to accomplish something YouTube is known for. For sure YouTube is the most established video sharing site but Facebook is a dominant Social Network and they already have the high population of members. I want to know what is your opinion on the potential rivalry between 2 giants. Do you think Facebook can compete against YouTube when they were not originally known for videos?
  5. Google is working hard to make smartphones smarter not even in looks but in features too. Google has invented one of the most useful features known as "Now on Tap" which can make your life easier. For example, by using Now on Tap you can set up a calendar event in just 3 seconds where it is supposed to take more than 3 minutes in the current scenario. All you have to do is just press and hold the home key and tell Google what you actually want. Using Now on Tap you can easily interact with various websites/applications and at the same time you can enjoy the features. There are unlimited possibilities related to this interesting application. Even though the application is not full fledged as it is in its initial stage, Google is still working hard to make it more effective. Another point to be noted is that Now on Tap allows you to use it while you are surfing or running an application, which is not possible now. Now "Now on Tap" from Google!
  6. I've been using Google Chrome for years now and I've had no problems at all but I recently came across FireFox (I already knew about it) and have been using it for the past month and honestly, I'm finding it much faster than Chrome. I still have Chrome installed as I find there's no point in deleting it, but, I'm starting to think Firefox is better. Thoughts? Firefox or Google Chrome?
  7. Finally US Court backs Google in their book scanning project which is named as Google Books. The Court rejected claims on violations of intellectual property rights as raised by a group of authors. Judges supported Google by saying that the digital library is a service to society. Google Books is a project to digitize millions of books which is open to public to search and refer only excerpts from them. As per Google authorities the project never revealed anything much to violate the author's copyright interests, but on the other hand it could help authors in exposing their works to potential buyers around the world. US Court supports Google in digital library battle
  8. I just came across a site called which uses the search technology of Google. You can find the same results of Google here. But there is something special about the logo. You can change it as you like and you can even make it your own name or anything you like. I mean instead of Google, it can display your name with same look of Google logo. I don't know if it has any other use, but the results are same as of Google. I think it is capturing the same results from Google.
  9. Google Cardboard is a Virtual Reality platform to use with a fold-out cardboard mount for a mobile phone. Google now detailed its expansion plans whereby Cardboard app is now available in 39 languages, over 100 countries. It's available on both Android and iOS platforms. They have also incorporated Google Street View in this application. Users can now experience improvements like a decrease in drift especially on phones with low quality sensors. Since Google launched this innovative product last year, it has been facing stiff competition from OnePlus, Sony, Microsoft, HTC and other players. Hope the new features will give an edge to Google Cardboard over its competitors. Google Cardboard now available over 100 countries
  10. In order to face competition from sites like Facebook, Snapchat and Apple, Google has come up with a more user friendly feature called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for mobile web browsers, which ensures a faster loading of pages in mobile. AMP simplifies the HTML code behind mobile web content giving more emphasize to speed than anything else. In future its improved caching features may enable us to load pages faster than before. As per Google authorities the ultimate aim of this project is to improve the entire mobile content ecosystem for publishers, platforms and users. I think it would be a very user friendly initiative from Google. Google’s ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’ Promises Faster Loads
  11. Quite recently Google introduced two very useful features to their Gmail service. Now users are at free to block unwanted email IDs and unsubscribe newsletters. Blocking a sender will put all future messages from him in the spam folder. It is different from "report spam" option. The feature would be available in Android phones within a week. In fact it would be a real relief when the inbox is flooded with spam mails. Hope now I can avoid that Nigerian scammer and say good bye to him till he comes back with another mail id.
  12. Sorry for trying to make everyone feel old again as this is my second Nostalgia thread. Anyone here who remembers how YouTube was like before Google decided to purchase it? I remember I found YouTube back in 2006. The very first YouTube video I ever watched is Resident evil Numa. Which is a parody of the videogame Resident evil series. Before Grumpy cat have her 150 Million US dollars Net worth, the most popular Internet via YouTube cat is Maru, a fat Scottish fold cat who loves to play with boxes. When I registered at YouTube, I used a Yahoo email to become a member. Years later Google purchased it and they forced everyone to create a Google Plus accounts. On the early years of Google's ownership of YouTube, they still allow me to log in with a Yahoo email but the moment Google Plus happened, they converted my legacy account into a Gmail email. On it's early years YouTube is a Piracy heaven, you can make music videos with copyrighted songs without worrying about getting banned or having your video deleted. One day UMG and WMG either deletes videos or mutes them. They also banned everyone who uploads music videos of their singers. I think an agreement happened between YouTube, UMG and WMG so people will be able to use Music. On the early years of YouTube, if you missed an episode of your favorite TV show, someone will upload it right away. Now if you search TV episodes , You will only see those Survey traps .Before the like and dislike bar, You rank the videos from 1 star to five stars. There is a huge outrage when that happened. A feature of YouTube that I miss will be video replies. Before you can upload a video as a reply of another video. That feature is removed because some women with big boobs known as the reply girls abused that system so they will appear on the suggested videos tab. They were called the reply girls because they make video replies of trending YouTube videos and copy their tags. The reply girls makes a lot of money from YouTube partnership and they were getting a lot of views because their boobs is in the thumbnails. People got annoyed because they kept in appearing on the suggestion tab so Google decided to remove the video reply option of YouTube. Do you still remember what YouTube was like before it is purchased by Google?
  13. What do you guys think of the new Google Logo? Some say it is good, others say it is garbage and has no taste. To some it is just a logo, to others it isn't! Now Google has to change their logo on everything! From their shirts to bags to buildings to whatever Google owns, and it would suck for them if it all went to nothing because people hated it. I just wanted to know what people here think.
  14. I know that you can sign in to gmail, youtube, and blogger with the same password but is that safe? I read somewhere that you shouldn't open more than one account at a time to prevent it from getting hacked into. I don't now if my accounts have ever been hacked or not, but I change my password often for a precaution. If someone gets access to your gmail, then they can access everything else. Google says it's nothing to worry about, what do you think about this?
  15. In continuation to its organizational restructuring last month, Google has changed its logo. Google is going through lot of changes. Last month they have regrouped all services under their newly formed parent company called "Alphabet". They used sans-serif font for the new logo, similar to their parent company Alphabet. The logo retained the blue colored "g" in it while the little "g" icon changed its color from blue to a four colored one. The logo is already on line now with some nice animations.
  16. Has anyone owned the Google glasses or atleast used them once? I was wondering what you think of them, because in my opinion they will be very quickly outdated.
  17. Who here has used Google Drive? I need to download it for an online job, but I don't know how secure it is in the cloud?
  18. Bug bounty programs are also known as Vulnerability Reward Programs where companies offer good remuneration to find out loopholes in their system. This is a proactive measure to minimise damage that can be caused to their users. Well known Internet players like Google, Chrome, Facebook, etc have their Bug Bounty Programs. Once they come to know of any weak-links the companies will be able to plugin the same before any major aftereffects. There is an interesting list of major Bug Bounty Programs of 2015.
  19. ASUS has developed a new router and is apparently gunning for Google, at least based on the title of this article. I don't know much about specifications, but this sounds like it's a big improvement on what's currently available. $400 is pretty expensive, but that's the price mentioned for year end release, and no doubt that price will come down after the new year.
  20. Hi guys, do you think that Google worths can be compared to a one of a little state? In terms of money I guess it can be compared to the worth of a state since they have a quite a good amount of capital behind their back. Wha do you think?
  21. As per New Corp CEO Robert Thomson Google is nothing but a center of greed, censorship, corruption and piracy. As per him companies like Google and Facebook is not doing any value addition to society. They are only the redistributors of what others have created and even without a fair payment model. He even criticized "Alphabet", the newly structured parent company of Google. All this happened when he was addressing the gathering at Lowy Institute Media Awards in Sydney.
  22. I'm wondering if all of you guys use Google as your main search engine. I know that a lot of people will switch it up between Bing and Yahoo! I know that for me personally I won't do that. I love the way that Google looks compared to all the other search engines. I feel like they are just too cluttered and I don't like the results that they come up with. I think that Google is sleeker and that's one of the main reasons why I love it. I know that everyone has their opinions on that, but I just have always used Google, and I think that's why I like it the most. So, is Google your main search engine? Or do you like to switch it up?
  23. Hi guys, does anyone of you really use google search operators? Sometimes I've been using them quite a lot i must say like "inurl" and "intext" are the ones I've used most of the time so far. What about you?
  24. Project Loon is one of the most awaited technological breakthrough world is waiting for. In this project Google will send over helium balloons to cover up places where cell towers do not exist. They wanted to cover more and more people to enjoy the benefits of internet. And at the same time it will be a real boost to their advertisement business. This project can bring a lot of economic and social benefits to society. Facebook is also planning to start their own airborne internet project like this. Anyway this will benefit more people especially in rural areas.
  25. Can you talk about it? I don't really have any specific questions but I'd like to know more about it.