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Found 26 results

  1. Hi guys, I was recently reading an article about the Android phones in general. I was reading Android seem to be the poor man's choice, how true do you think that is? According to this map: Those red dots represent iPhone use, look how many people use those in Manhattan and not in Newark. Now look at the difference (android use): According this this it seems the poor tweet via Android, while the rick tweet via iPhone. How accurate you think this is? I'm an Android user and have been for a while, I had no idea this trend. The iPhone usage in Manhattan is stronger than in Newark, but it seems the divide doesn't stop there, because the Android usage is also strong withing Manhattan... in the poorest neighborhoods, of course. While in the richer ones there seems to be more iPhone users. If you want read more, then check this out: So, what do you guys think? Do you think this is an accurate portrayal of the iPhone and Android users?
  2. As per my post in another thread, it seems that my wife's Samsung S3 is going to the trash bin. It's less than a year when it was repaired due to a bloated battery. This week, it wouldn't charge due to a leaking battery. It still runs though when the battery is loaded but it still cannot charge even a new battery. We are contemplating on what phone to buy - an expensive iPhone or another Samsung or Sony? What are the concrete evidences of the iPhone's advantage over an Android phone? The cost of an iPhone is almost double that of other brands.
  3. Hi folks! I'm generally interested what's your opinion about jailbreaking i device. The iOS9 is already here and judging by the efficiency of famous hacker groups these days, there is no question that it'll be jailbroken sooner or later. Are you guys going to use it on iOS9? I personally won't update my phone until there will be possibility to do so. There is just too many good things that come with it. Even Apple sees it and implements ideas of developers from Cydia store to their official OS. Let's take multitasking for exampe: in new iOS9, you can actually run two apps at the same time on split screen now! Well, on jailbroken iOS 8.1.3 you can do it exact same thing. Even on phones There is many, many more awesome things. But what do you think about it?
  4. She's probably right, it most likely will never work again, but how sweet is this dolphin, rescuing a drowning iPhone? By the way, I have flipped an iPod Touch into a tub full of water, but it had a rubber case on it, and it did work fine afterwards. Of course, it wasn't immersed in the water for a long time, but still, sometimes anything is possible. Have you ever had an experience like this? Did your device work afterwards?
  5. I'm guessing that I am not the with this issue, but does anyone else's iPhone die when the battery percentage doesn't even go down to 1%? Mine can die at 50% sometimes, and it is really irritating. Maybe, it's because the phone is a bit old now. Hopefully in the near future Apple will release an phone that has an extremely good battery life. Do you think it will be soon though?
  6. Today I was going through the Apple Online Store and as I was browsing, I saw that they were still selling iPods. If I were to be completely honest, I thought that iPods were off the market now that iPhones have playlists embedded into them. But being the person that I am, I want to get myself the iPod Touch-- I already have the original iPod, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano. The starting prices for the iPod Touch is $199. Is that worth it? I already have the iPhone 5c... Should I spend money on an iPod to keep up with today's technology or should I just swallow my addiction and stick with the iPhone. What would you do? If you had to pick between the iPhone or the iPod, which would you choose and why?
  7. Apple are in the habit of updating their iPhone series every year. We're already onto the iPhone 7 which just shows a steady but slow evolution of this particular smart phone series. Apart from the Apple faithful, the average man or woman in the street doesn't seem terribly excited about the latest iteration of the iPhone. Perhaps these phones are coming out too soon. Maybe an 18-24 month launch period between models would be a better idea. This will allow Apple to add features that truly show a significant jump in innovation and performance. Do you think this strategy would work well for Apple? And would this reignite excitement for the latest iPhone again?
  8. I have tried many iPhone cases and been very unhappy with them. So mostly I end up carrying my phone "naked". Which is okay but I am pretty clumsy and afraid of breaking it. Most seemed to either fall apart or look scuffed and ugly within three or four months. I need a case that is not bulky as my phone is always in my pocket. Ideally it would have built in back up battery capacity. I would appreciate any suggestions.
  9. At one time, I did jailbreak my phone. I can say that it was honestly one of the dumbest things that I did. The first couple of times that I did it to my phone, it was okay. My phone worked just fine. It didn't seem like it had any major problems with it. Then finally one day I went to jailbreak my phone again and then the whole screen went black. I had heard of some of my friends who had also jailbroke their phone, and the same thing happened. I was honestly so upset because it was my favorite phone that I have ever had. It was the iPhone 4 and it's the phone that I think Apple made the best. I just didn't think that the same thing would happen to me. So, have you guys ever jailbroke your phone? If so how well or not well did it work?
  10. Apple has just realised that people can now download iOS 9 onto their phone so that they can beta test. I decided that I wanted to try it out to see what it would be like. I have always wanted to be able to try out the new software that was coming out. So this was like the best thing that happened when they released it to the public. After I downloaded I didn't see anything that had changed besides them adding an app. Nothing changed on my phone I've even tried to do some of the things that you should be able to with the update. Has only else had this problem? I just want to know if I'm the only one.
  11. Some of us here already experienced having the home button of their iDevice broken. The main reason for this is overuse, as it's the only navigation button on an iDevice. But wait, there's already a way in order to prevent this button from being broken. Here are the steps: 1. Go to Settings. 2. There, you'll automatically be on the General tab. Find Multitasking Gesture and turn it on. 3. Tadah! You don't have to frequently use the home button anymore. When you're using a certain app, just pinch in the screen with five fingers to go to Home Screen. If you want to go to Multitasking, just swipe up with five fingers and if you want to switch between apps, swipe left or right.
  12. I have noticed that it seems like the Apple OS looks like it is out of date. It's been a long time since they have done anything different with it. I was hoping with this new update that they would do something different with it, but they didn't. I'm actually surprised they haven't since they have a lot of competition right now. I am hoping when they make iOS 10 that they will do something different with the system that they have. What do you guys think about this?
  13. You can crash anyones iPhone by sending them this simple message as an SMS or iMessage "effective. Power ÙÙÙÙصÙبÙÙÙÙصÙبÙرر٠ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ å," There will be no permanent dama and the only way to avoid it is by turning off the text message notifications.
  14. Text Message Crashes iPhones Here's an article from Fortune magazine, discussing a text message that freezes and shuts down iPhones.
  15. I used to be an Apple user then I switched to Samsung. I am not really satisfied with my Samsung experience and am planning to go back to Apple. I've read a lot of reviews for both devices, but my mind has not been set on which one I should really buy. Which one would you guys buy and why?
  16. I just found out about this feature on my phone not too long ago. It's pretty cool because you are able to share photos with people who are next to you. It's great because of the speed that you are able to do so. It takes so long to send a photo to someone that this way is almost better. Right now, I've been using it with my sister to send her photos back and forth. The only downside is that they have to be right near you to send the photos. I wish that you could send them farther away. So, do you guys use this feature a lot?
  17. What's the best GPS app you've downloaded besides the one that came with your iPhone or Android. I use the GPS app that comes with my phone and it works okay but, there are other apps you can purchase that are better than that. There was a app that I had from the google play store that was way better than the GPS that came with a previous phone I had. Some GPS apps direct you by voice and some with maps. Which GPS app do you prefer?
  18. So I heard that the iPhone 6 bends. I haven't heard a lot of cases about it, but enough to wonder how much it happens. I would think that you would have to put a lot of pressure on the phone in order for that to happen. I've had two different iPhones and I don't see how you would be able to bend it. When Apple makes their phones, they use the best material so you know you're getting the best. I wonder if they are making sure with their new phones that this doesn't happen. So, what have you guys heard about this?
  19. I would have to say that my favorite iPhone feature would be that I can text on the front screen. It's so helpful for when I want to text someone back faster. The only downside is you can't if you have a third party keyboard. When I had my Samsung Galaxy 3 I had the swift key keyboard and I loved it. Then I found out you can get it for the iPhone and was so ecstatic. So, I tried to type on the front of my screen and you can't. So, I'm a little upset about that. So, what is your favorite feature?
  20. I am not sure if I was the one who was born late, or I haven't done enough research. Can someone explain to me if there was existence of iPhone 1 and 2? If they never existed, who has an Idea why apple decided to jump straight to iPhone 3?
  21. The other day on Facebook I saw that an iPhone 6 blew up. The man knew that his phone was starting to get hot, then he noticed some sparks coming out from his phone. Then he threw his phone, and I guess that it blew up. I have heard of other phones blowing up because they get too hot, but not an iPhone. It's crazy to think about because this can happen to any phone that they make. I know that sometimes when my iPhone is charging sometimes it will get really hot. I know that the last thing I want to worry about is my phone blowing up. So, have you guys heard anything about this?
  22. Hi guys Like many people I use my iPhone and assorted apps to try and improve my health and fitness. Over recent weeks I have been increasing my activity a lot and depending on my iPhone pedometer to calculate what my calorie intake should be. But I feel like maybe either my pedometer is over estimating my activity, or my app is estimating the calorie burn too high. It started me wondering, is there any information out there that really looks at how the iPhone pedometer works and how well it corresponds with what you would get with a dedicated pedometer? Not that I want to have to carry another piece of kit around with me but if it is more accurate I will.
  23. So, I was looking online the other day and I heard that Apple will be making an iPhone 6s, 6s plus, and 6c. These phones will be smaller than the 6 plus. I'm happy that they are making it smaller just for the fact that those phones are so big. I think that they are more of a hassle than anything. I had a Galaxy Note, and it was just a bother having to carry it around because it wouldn't fit in my pocket. I believe that the 6s will be smaller than both the 6 and 6 plus. I'm sad to see that because I think that the iPhone 6 is the perfect size. I'm not sure what these phones will look like, but I'm hoping that they do something better with them. Or somehow make these new phones look different.
  24. Being an Android user, I've always wondered the reasons of why iPhone owners chose the iPhone and not an Android phone. I'm really interesting in hearing your opinions!
  25. I just noticed this article on 9to5mac website: Essentially it's a list of older iPhones and Macs that will no longer be supported by Apple, meaning there will be no official repair available anymore. Not sure if people still have that old iPhones or Macs but if they do, they're either looking for third party replacements later on or have a time to upgrade their units. Usually this type of support ending happens around 5-7 years from the end of manufacturing process it says on the article.