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Best Plugins


What plugins do you guys generally use in your Wordpress page? Any recommendations or plugins I should just bluntly stray away from? Also, what (Free) theme do you guys think would look nice for a medical organization. 


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Choosing the right plugin will make your life easier and equally important is to get rid of useless plugins which can slow down the entire process substantially. I recommend two plugins which can improve your working in Wordpress :

- Wordpress SEO - It is a perfect website optimization package. It allows you to add open graphs meta data, do page analysis and a lot of other useful things.   i think it is an indispensable plugin to use

- BackupBuddy - It is the most user friendly backup and migration plugin.  It will enable you to setup automatic backup scheduling and it also offers a lot of other useful features.


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      My question is, what am I missing by not opting Wordpress? Why Wordpress so strongly recommended particularly the paid hosting?
    • By Zenfive
      I was wondering what some of your favourite sites for checking out Wordpress themes are. They can be free or paid. We've all probably heard of ThemeForest so maybe don't mention that. Would love to try and find more variety, especially for free themes. 
    • By Sebastián
      So, I've been using WordPress for my personal blog for two years already, and I got accustomed to updates for plugins and the system itself to fail (usually getting stuck in the downloading/unzipping part). Now I've added a new installation for a freelance job (building a blog for a law firm) and started getting errors from the start, after selecting one of the preinstalled themes! New themes also fail to install, getting stuck at the download point. 
      How is it possible that this is happening? Do you have any advice about what to check to make it work? Or is it just "like it is" with WP?
    • By Zenfive
      What are some of the most essential plugins that you always like to install when you set up a new Wordpress site?
      For me I think it has to be stuff like the Yoast SEO plugin, W3 Total Cache and Contact Form 7. Don't think I could really survive without those, the rest are probably extra that I choose depending on the type of site. 
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