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Modprobe: bad line 1617: 1 tokens found, 2 needed


Hi, i'm facing quite annoying error after messing with Nvidia drivers on Debian. Basically, i wanted to install Nvidia drivers instead of Nouveau, but apparently my gpu isn't supported anymore and i needed legacy drivers. As i'm quite lazy sometimes, i thought that Nouveau actually will do 9_9 But i got tired of nvidia's driver nagging about the dependencies and i used package manager to delete the first thing with "nvidia-driver" in its name. Then obviously everything stopped working as it should.

After reboot i was left with only terminal. So i searched through modprobe.d catalog for a file, that might be blacklisting nouveau. I found something called almost literally "nvidia-blacklists-nouveau.conf". So there was a line about blacklisting nouveau and i removed it. Then i used update-initramfs -u . After reboot, the screen resolution was appropriate again, but during boot procedure, system started nagging about this "bad line".

Fast forward a couple of hours - i installed the incompatible nvidia, so i could properly remove nvidia-related stuff once and for all with apt-get remove nvidia-* --purge and it fixed the problem with missing GUI, so GNOME was working again, as did Nouveau.

But the annoying Modprobe: bad line 1617: 1 tokens found, 2 needed at the boot remained and i can't get rid off it. OS is running fine, it's just this one little thing that's getting on my nerves...

Do you have any suggestions, guys? Sorry if it's too chaotic, but i'm little bit tired.

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Could you post your nvidia-blacklists-nouveau.conf please?

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I would love to, but it got deleted after purging the system off of the nvidia-related files. It just contained some comments and a line that was basically saying "blacklist nouveau" or something extremely familiar. The modprobe error started to show up when i removed that line and remained after apt-get remove nvidia-* --purge. Even though i deleted everything nvidia-related (the file mentioned above too). So something more "native" to the OS itself must've changed in the process of me being stupid.

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