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      We just updated the forums. Among other things, selective quote is now live. You can just select the text that you want, and a option to "quote this" will appear. During the update we also broke the main theme files for some reason.  I just activated the backup theme files and dumped the custom CSS in (I'll clean it up later). If there are any issues with the site, please get in touch with @nytegeek or myself.
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We have enabled ModSecurity on our servers so if you're experience any errors (that may or may not be related to ModSecurity), let us know.


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I don't see a problem? Your post is there, its not hidden or anything. ModSecurity would give you a 403 error page not found or something like that. What you experienced is probably an issue with the forum software and we need more info to fix that.


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    • By apperator
      Recently I've been looking at a few security/privacy apps for Android and I've run across the following options...
      Leo Privacy Guard AppLock Smart AppLock Advanced Protection There are others but those seem to be the most promising. Currently I'm looking at LPG and AppLock as most likely being the best but I'm not sure. Going to give them all a shot and see which one prevails.
      Which app would you recommend?
      All I need to do is keep some of my apps locked and hide a few photos.
    • By nytegeek
      I decided to install EMET on the Windows computers in my home. I primarily use Linux but I do have copies of Windows in use as well. EMET goes a long way towards preventing exploits if it is used and configured properly. 
    • By itaddict
      A computer chip which is designed to self destruct in seconds can ensure sensitive data security.  They can be remotely  controlled. This will make sure that data on a stolen electronic devices is not misused. If there is a chance of misuse you can remotely destroy it in to little pieces. The chip is being manufactured by Novel Electronics Group that already produced a chip at PARC, a California based company.
      This can go a long way in securing very sensitive data on various fields.
      Chip that can self-destruct in seconds
    • By nytegeek
      Adobe Flash is dying slowly as developers move to open and more secure standards.  Flash just got hammered with another nail in it's coffin. Amazon announced that it wont accept Flash ads on its ad network beginning September 1. This is spurred by the actions of browser makers that have taken moves against flash over security concerns. Death to Flash long live HTML 5!
    • By nytegeek
      I challenge anyone reading this to disable Flash in any web browser they use for 7 days. Determine whether your experiences were affected by this at any of the sites you visit on a regular basis. Determine if there are non flash alternatives available for sites using Flash and if you really need to use those sites. Let us know what your results are. 
      Flash is frequently exploited to allow unchecked code to install and run on personal computers for any number of nefarious reasons. It is a security risk and Adobe can't keep it patched as fast as exploits are discovered. If you can live without it you are better off.
    • By wristlawyer
      Researchers from Indiana University and the Georgia Institute of Technology have cracked Apple's Keychain service. Although they announced the flaws back in October 2014, iPhone, iPad, and Mac users are still at risk.after eight months. More on 9to5mac.com 
      What does this say about Apple's consideration for their client's security?
    • By nytegeek
      A friend of mine had been doing some reading and ran across an article about embedded medical devices being hacked and used to covertly monitor or track individuals and even distribute malware. Devices like pacemakers and insulin pumps. He didn't link the article but a simple search of "embedded medical device security" found all sorts of information on the subject. 
      Instances of this have been portrayed in fiction as a far fetched or clever plot device but apparently this is a real world concern. It doesn't really surprise me. Computers are everywhere in many forms and devices. None of them are invulnerable to attack. Some systems and devices are less vulnerable than others but nothing is ever 100% secure.
    • By Mike T.
      This is an interesting read considering the topic started by @W Scribe - http://setuix.com/forum/topic/196-google-threatens-microsoft-and-apple/
      Do you think Google's arrogance will attract hackers? Personally I think if you're going to be play "police" others will come out and try and proof you wrong. What do you think?
    • By zero
      As a follow up to @W Scribe's post here, do you think that Project Zero should fall under a government body or do you think it is fine for Google to continue doing what it is doing?
    • By W Scribe
      Earlier this year, Google posted a threat to rival companies Apple & Microsoft to fix their vulnerabilities within 90 days or they will be made public. Only after ramping up their security vulnerability research, Google decided to become the watch dog. Their claim for doing this is to help keep governments and hackers out of peoples systems. When the deadline was reached and missed by their rivals, Google kept its promise and posted their finding on its corporate site. Was google right for doing this or was it a snitch move?
    • By damien
      I'm running CentOS 6.5 with CWP and Apache and I was wondering what might be a good way to ensure that my server stays secure and no hackers get through? Sure anyone with the determination will be able to break the walls, but at least stopping the majority would be my goal.
      So far I have changed my SSH ports, enabled a firewall and I was thinking of mod_security but it had some problems with my scripts so I had to disable it. Was that a bad idea? Is there anything else that I maybe should take into consideration?
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