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Apple Music is now Available for Android!!

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This news is crazy:


We know there is a rivalry between Ios and Android but something crazy and confusing just happened. One of the most popular built in app of Ios is Apple Music.  Now you don't have to buy an Iphone and Ipad to enjoy this subcription app because it is now available for Android. They were offering some sort of Free trial too.  Now it makes me wonder if Apple will make this app available for Windows phone users too.  Maybe it could also be available for Xbox live or PSN network.  Are you going to try this free trial?


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I read about this earlier and was quite surprised to know this.  What would be the business strategy behind this? May be this is only a beginning, there must be an understanding between these two mobile OS giants for a strategic partnership. But it is good to see that a healthy competition is going on between these two. Yes, we don't have to buy an iPhone or iPad to enjoy this app any more.

I think Apple Music will have a wider reach now as it becomes available in Android too. Let's hope for the best.


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      It's a great junkfile cleaner and memory booster but it is average as an antivirus.
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      Yes, you heard it right.  When we are very concerned about the security of our passwords, Yahoo is one step ahead in replacing passwords with their new service. They made it possible with a new service called Yahoo Account Key which uses smartphone to identify the real user which is more effective that the traditional passwords. For example if a user try to access Yahoo mail there is no need to put password, instead the Account Key service will send a message to the smartphone connected to the account. You just have to tap yes  to get into your account and tap no in case it is an unauthorized attempt. The service  will be available for both Android and iOS users soon. 
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      4.  Almost every website wanted me to download their app version or use their app version(if I already have the app installed)I just want to read a single article or lurk on a forum I have no intention of joining and suddenly  this annoying hard to skip notification will block my screen " Would you like to download our mobile app?" I have 2 Facebook accounts, 1 account is permanently logged in with the App while the other is logged in with a browser. Whenever I use Facebook on a browser, I always get the notification asking me to download the Facebook app, an App I already have.
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      Hi folks!

      I'm generally interested what's your opinion about jailbreaking i device. The iOS9 is already here and judging by the efficiency of famous hacker groups these days, there is no question that it'll be jailbroken sooner or later. Are you guys going to use it on iOS9? I personally won't update my phone until there will be possibility to do so. There is just too many good things that come with it. Even Apple sees it and implements ideas of developers from Cydia store to their official OS. Let's take multitasking for exampe: in new iOS9, you can actually run two apps at the same time on split screen now! Well, on jailbroken iOS 8.1.3 you can do it exact same thing. Even on phones
      There is many, many more awesome things. But what do you think about it?
    • By nytegeek
      I think most people know this but I feel the need to get it out there because of the misinformation and bad comparisons I keep seeing. You don't have an Android phone. Android is an operating system that can be installed on any device with compatible hardware, not a type of phone. I don't see people with iPhones calling their phones iOS phones. That would be kind of silly.
      The reason I mention this is because there are so many phones that utilize Android that questions about hardware and comparisons to Apple products are all useless and result in junk data. People try to categorize them all as Android phones vs iPhones. People that categorically compare their iPhone to every make and model of phone that uses Android are being ridiculous and don't even realize it.
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      It is a fact the new Apple iPhone 6S has already crossed 13 million sales across the world a few days back and it is still growing.  But it would be surprising to note that according to Marin Cooper, who invented the first cellphone, Apple's new iPhone is not up to mark. As per him there is no significant improvement in the iPhone which makes it an essential model. He further added that the services we use in our cellphones are more of convenience than necessity.  He also pointed out that virtual reality will become a big part of computing in future.
      whatever it is, Apple has already overachieved their targets by having more than 13 million customers and still  adding up by expanding sales to more countries.  They also enjoyed the status of an early bird compared to Samsung's foldable phones, which is only expected in January 2016.
      Inventor of cellphone rates Apple iPhone 6S as "boring"
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      Apple rewrites  history by having 13 million proud owners for its new iPhone model. People really liked the new touch phone feature which can sense how long and hard someone is pressing. It has all the ingredients of a super phone with aluminum body, efficient processor and a very good camera. 
      Company is planning to expand its sales to 40 more countries by October 9.  Now the competition is really becoming stiff and now Samsung is ready with their new foldable phones.
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      I have an old Samsung touch phone which is around two years old.  I have not been using it for quite some time.  Now I wanted to give it to one of my relatives, but I am unable to work with touchscreen.  It is somewhat partially unresponsive and sometimes it gives some erratic movements.
      It has a screen protection on it which is clean. I just wanted to check if that may be the cause for the issue with the screen.  I have already checked it and there is no dust accumulation.
      Can a screen protector affect the performance of touch screen?
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