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Windows 10's first major update on the way.

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Now it is time to update Windows 10 which is the first major one since its launch.  The update which is known as Threshold 2 is free and would be available through Windows update. Post update Windows 10 will be able to boot 30% faster than Windows 7.  The update also has new business features to help IT administrators.

With regard to Microsoft Edge you can have additional security features and improvements in its performance. A new feature called Tab Preview will let you see the preview of a website by just hovering your cursor over the tab. Microsoft is doing their best to make Windows 10 a wonderful experience for the users.

Windows 10's first major update


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    • By XuR
      I don't know whether it's because I upgraded from a potentially non-genuine Windows 8.1 but Windows 10 is driving me crazy. Here are a bunch of issues I still don't know what to do about. There are some workarounds for some of them which I found online, but it's just frustrating to have them in the first place, others are probably there to stay.
      Wifi chip suddenly gets disabled out of nowhere for usually 10 minutes, restarting doesn't solve, I just have to wait. Trying to enter the Wifi options from the settings just freezes the window. Audio gets disabled out of nowhere as well, I have to restart the "Windows Audio" service every time that problem shows up, which is way too frequent lately. Start menu doesn't even work anymore. Seriously, it just won't work. I click and click and no response whatsoever. Sluggishly slow boot time and shutdown, I'm talking about a record of 10 minutes for each of these operations here. Not even my 5 year old PC running windows 7 is that slow yet. Overall unresponsiveness that drives me crazy. Huge FPS spikes in games (My laptop has a GT 830M, it used to handle these games very very well), video playback stutters, and scrolling through anything whether it's a browser or MS Word always has a 1-2 seconds delay. Task Manager fails me when I need it most. It's supposed to help me get rid of unresponsive processes and apps but instead it's the most unresponsive app of them all. Windows is telling me my copy is genuine but I really don't know, it was supposed to come with FreeDOS but I was surprised to find Windows 8.1 already there. Would a non-genuine copy suffer from such issues?
      Did any of you encounter any issues like that so far?
      It was a huge mistake to install it on my college laptop, it's the middle of the semester and I really can't afford to spend time trying to work around all these issues and inconveniences, it slowed down my work tremendously. It worked magically during the first month but then it just got worse little by little for some reason.
      I actually only mentioned half the issues I encountered so I won't make this longer than it should.
    • By SundayDrivah
      I have a friend who  actively Downloads pirated content and he said that many private sharing torrent sites banned him from accessing their sites. The Pirate sites seemed to be concerned about Windows 10 because  it is working with a well known anti piracy company named Mark Monitor.
      Here are some news about it:
      I understand if they will ban Americans because Americans can go to jail for downloading pirated content but the non Americans who are from countries that has no anti-piracy laws got banned too.  I wonder how long this ban will last and if this is going to end piracy  in some ways.  In my opinion though, the only way to end piracy is to drop the price of music and movies then make all games follow the Free to play format. Private torrent clients are the ones that got involved with the banning the most.  Do you think this would reduce piracy or will it trigger the pirates much more. How long do you think this ban is going to last?  I know US have very strict piracy laws that a single mom got jailed for downloading a song,
    • By anishsasmal
      I upgraded to Windows 10 on my main machine yesterday. It is currently running the Home edition. When I tried to select change product key, the window freezes up and nothing can be done but to close it via taskbar. Any ideas on why this happens?
    • By SundayDrivah
      I am a huge fan of the Resident evil series, I have every single game from that franchise and I even have the spin offs. ( I don't like the Hollywood movie adaptations though, those were blasphemous) I have the console versions of the games and  also have the PC ports. I just want to know if  older games from past generations of PC gaming can work with Windows 10.
      I have a feeling that Resident evil 5,6,revelations 1 , revelations 2 ,the remaster of Resident evil 1 remake, Resident evil 4 HD and the upcoming remastered PC port of the prequel Resident evil zero may work with Windows 10 because they were recent.
      I am wondering if The PC ports of Resident evil 2 and Resident evil 3 may work with Windows 10 because those 2 games were Windows 95 games. For sure maybe I can wait for those games to have remaster or remakes but I really love those classics.  I still have the CD ROMs  and they were still in good condition.
      I love the new and modern games but when I feel nostalgic, I want to play the classics and I am really curious if older games can work with Windows 10 or do I have to look for a modern port of the game instead.  I heard steam have a lot of ports of older games.
    • By ElegantMew
      From what I heard, Windows 10 is going to be the last version of Windows, however it is going to have drastic updates other than just security issues, and that sparked a question in my mind: 
      Would you pay for updates to Windows?
      I am not entirely sure whether Microsoft will charge to update or not, and though it's highly unlikely it could still be a possibility.
      Personally I would not pay for updates, considering I purchased Windows for a reason, so I wouldn't have to purchase another OS again.
    • By Seraphine
      Hello guys!  Well, the big day is here, but it seems is not all as wonderful as we thought it'd be.  Windows 10 was released just today,  it's supposed to be released in waves, so some users will get it later.  I was one of the lucky ones who can actually upgrade her OS to Windows 10 today!  Yeah, at first I thought: ''Awesome!'', but then after checking some social networking sites and checking several reviews and articles... well, I'm not so sure I will be upgrading to Windows 10 anytime soon.   
      From what I read Windows 10 is plagued by a lot bugs!  I know the Microsoft guys have worked very hard to detect and fix many possible bugs, but apparently it hasn't been enough. A lot people complain about problems with their graphics cards, all thanks to those automatically installed drivers. Plus many other bugs and errors,  some people are even having issues installing this OS and  are get what I consider one of the most silly and useless  error messages ever:

      It's crazy,  I'm glad I haven't upgraded yet   It seems this new OS is making people talk all around the world... and not in a good way at all. I hope the guys from Microsoft can fix it. I'll wait a while before installing Windows 10, I'm just too afraid I can no longer play my games or this OS screws my laptop in any other way.  What about you?  Have you upgraded to Windows 10 yet?  Experiencing any bugs? If you haven't upgraded yet... do you still plan to do so anytime soon despite all those alarming news? 
    • By Gingyr
      What are you looking forward too most about Windows 10 if you have not already tried out the RTM?
      For me, the two thing I am excited to be using on my main machine is the start menu and windowed metro apps.
      What I really don't like is that they integrated the whole control panel into the Settings app.
    • By Alexandoy
      May I have your opinion on this matter - we have plans of buying 5 new computers for our office.
      Can anyone give me an idea on the prevailing standard with microprocessors, RAM and cards? How about the software, what do you suggest? Thank you in advance for those who would respond.
    • By Seraphine
      I think almost everyone is aware that Windows 10 is coming, I mean, how could you miss that icon in your desktop, right?  Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users surely know what I am talking about. That little icon  seems to be becoming more and more familiar each passing day,  I'd be lying if I said I haven't wondered when it is leaving my desktop, lol.  Well, no more!   It turns out there are different ways to hide that icon, if you want to know more, then please check this article: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/get-rid-windows-10-upgrade-notification-windows-7-8/
      There are 5 different methods, the first one only allows you to hide it. The second one allows you to get rid of it until you restart the PC, but the third one allows you to get rid of it until the next update.  The last two are a little bit more hardcore, and I really recommend you to think about it before going down that route (this applies to the users who are not very tech savvy, so be careful!). 
      A gentle reminder:  Don't forget that Windows 7 will be supported by Microsoft for only 5 years.  So Windows 7/8/8.1 users  only have one year starting from july 29 to get their  free Windows 10 copy, after that it will cost $119!
    • By Seraphine
      I am of course talking about the ''free'' windows upgrade bieng offered to windows 7/8 users.  According to this article: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/free-windows-10-upgrade-heres-catch/   windows 10 will offer different editions, that indicates that different licenses will be sold, just like its predecessors.  It's also important to note that the windows 10 users will lose some of the freedom they had regarding to installing new updates, according to this article there will be 3 different updating routes: Current Branch (CB), Current Branch for Business (CBB), and Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB)
      The CB will automatically update your devices, while (LTSB) and (CBB) give the user the choice to decide what updates to install or reject.  What it's even more interesting to me, is the fact that you will need to spend money in more expensive versions if you actually want to disable features!  How odd is that! 
      To be honest I am not sure I want to be using Windows 10, according to this article the users who decide to make use of this ''free'' windows 10 update will be subjected to the CB updating route.  Which means you won't be able to decide on your own what updates you want to install; they will do it for you automatically.  If you are a ''Pro'' user though, you can pick between the CB and CBB updating routes. But that one is not going to be free (Pro), of course.  There had to be a catch, right?
      What do you guys think?
    • By j1ckh441
      So Windows 10 brings back the start menu that everyone wanted when it was removed back when Windows 8 was released. How many of you actually like it? It seems like a merge between the Windows 8 and Windows 7 start menus. Do you like the way it looks in the way that it functions? I'm unsure about it. It's not the old one anymore, but it's a more modernized start menu. I need to get used it before I can actually start to like it! What do you think?
    • By KenBrace
      I received a notification on my Windows 8 computer the other day letting my know that I could reserve a free Windows 10 upgrade. I did so immediately and got a follow-up email the next day. I'm really excited about it. Windows 10 looks awesome!
      So who else has reserved an upgrade?
    • By butterfly
      Guys, I'm sure you PC users have noticed the Windows 10 Icon that appeared on the right side of your toolbar. I clicked on it, and it and it encouraged me to reserve my free Windows 10 upgrade.
      I currently am using Windows 7 and am perfectly satisfied with it. I was told that if I don't take advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade within a year, then it would no longer be free. What are you guys doing? I'm fine with staying with Windows 7, but I don't know how much longer Microsoft will keep providing updates. Does anyone know? Should we go ahead and reserve it, or what?
    • By Jojo83
      I was wondering, what are the new and different features of Windows 10 that makes it worthwhile for me to upgrade from Windows 8.1? For me, Windows 8.1 is superb, I'm very pleased with it. It's easily the fastest and most secure WIndows version I have ever used. And, I have been using windows since the days of Windows ME. Is Windows 10 tremendously better than Windows 8.1? Is the upgrade worth it?
    • By wristlawyer
      Back in January we found out that, for the course of one year, Microsoft will be offering their Windows 7, 8.1, and Windows phone 8.1, a free upgrade to they brand new Windows 10. Recently, we got a glimpse into how this upgrade will got through. You can find a more thorough analysis on Venturebeat
    • By Sebastián
      Well, this is interesting:
      The thesis of the article is that Microsoft have realized that times have changed and that the strategy of releasing different versions of an operating system, and having to maintain and support all of them for a long time, is a thing of the past. 
      Windows 10 is the last Windows version because from now on updates will be automatic and free, just like Android or iOS updates, says the author. And I think that might well be right. 
      Microsoft makes money by bundling Windows with new computers. I don't think they will lose much if they don't sell it separately in boxes in the stores anymore, and the money, time and hassle they will save when they don't have to support old versions anymore will more than make up for what they may lose. 
    • By MyDigitalpoint
      There are at least other two threads discussing what's coming with the arrival of the so-called Windows 10 Operating System.
      However this afternoon (CST) Microsoft blog has disclosed the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile that is going to revolutionize all what you have seen before in previous mobile operating system released by Microsoft as you can read:
        And then come back and let's discuss on what are each one's expectation on this.
    • By jayres
      Microsoft has released details of the different editions of Windows 10. There are all the editions you would expect with no surprises. For consumers there is Windows 10 Home, Mobile and Professional. Additonal editions are Windows 10 Enterprise, Mobile Enterprise, Education and Embedded. Most of us will be using Windows 10 Home and Mobile. The release of Windows Mobile pretty much signals the end of Windows Phone. One point worth noting is that Windows Mobile is limited to Universal Windows Apps which can be installed from the store.
      Here is the link to the details posted on the windows blog:
    • By XuR
      Apparently Microsoft will stop releasing new operating systems. According to the article, there's a possibility they turn into subscriptions instead of one-time payment. I wouldn't mind that personally as long as the price is reasonable. But since the previous Windows versions usually cost around $200, I should expect something around that price per year, which doesn't seem like a good deal to me to be honest. However I highly doubt they'd implement something like that, since people are still greatly dependent on Windows, and this would just drive them away whenever alternatives are present, there must be another hidden motive behind it. Also, Microsoft has been performing a lot of stunts lately, what's on their minds?
    • By kofter128
      We've seen previous Windows operating systems. They seem like they follow a routine: one would be great and the next one - not (XP>Vista - this stillborn child of an OS>7>8>10?).
      I'm very excited about it's release because I always like new stuff, but the question is: Will it be good enough? It seems to me that Microsoft are offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 just because it *might* not be good enough, and to me it seems that the OS itself is kind of rushed just so Microsoft can get larger market share. Of course, time will tell, but I want to hear your thought about this. Discuss.
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