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Double paragraphs on Chrome

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I am using mobile, an android tablet to be specific, okay I will report the posts with double paragraphs. There is one that I failed to edit.


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    • By zoesamantha
      Hello all. Newbie to these forums.
      I have a quick question. I have an iPad Mini 1st gen that I believe is about a year old. From time to time when I turn my iPad sideways into landscape mode, I get these random colored lines glitch across my screen. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does happen it isn't pretty and it makes me nervous. I love my iPad, and I have my school textbooks on it. Please tell me it's not crapping out on me? Is this a known/common glitch?
    • By Caffeine
      I have a ZTE Maven Z812, with the GoPhone $45 prepaid plan. I have a reoccurring issue with it that I can't seem to resolve.
      Occasionally, when I attempt to connect to the Internet via mobile data, I am redirected and receive the following message: "Your attempt to connect to data service was unsuccessful. Please try again later."
      Google brought me to the conclusion that this is a known issue with no real fix. I've already tried AT&T support; they ask me to try to connect to the URL att.com/ttr via the mobile network. This always works - meaning, the test deduces that there is no problem with my network connection. Still, if I try to access any pages other than AT&T, I get the same error message.
      Several sources suggested toggling airplane mode and/or rebooting the phone. With about a 40% success rate, I'm sometimes able to access the internet for a short time after. Yet, the issue keeps recurring - again, with no warning and at completely random times.
      I was wondering if anyone else on a GoPhone plan has experienced this, and if so, what did you do to fix it? I can't find a clear answer anywhere.
    • By Diane Lane
      I don't know enough to do most, if not all, of the items here, but I started wondering about this the other day, when I saw not only the headlines of a 'poor little boy' who was arrested when he 'made a clock' and brought it to school, but also, saw a picture of a homemade detonator that was from this site, that looked amazingly similar to his clock. I know many who are technologically oriented start tinkering with electronics from a young age, so y'all may be way too advanced for this, but some others may find this site interesting. I have looked on it for other types of DIYs in the past, unrelated to electronics, so if you have other interests, there will most likely be something there to interest you, as well. Technology on Instructables
    • By Diane Lane
      I've seen sites that offer work as technical website testers. I do some usability testing, but have never done a test for bugs, and wondered what that involved. Has anyone here ever done that type of work? I know many of y'all are very talented and have worked with computers for years, so would know the types of things to look for, but how difficult would it be for someone just starting out, and is there a specific type of training involved? 
    • By lamanlupa
      I have an android phone and tablet. They work well, at least that's what I'm thinking. However, I do encounter some issues regarding the availability of good apps for androids. It just seems that most of the time, the sub par ones are more prevalent than the good apps. Also, I do notice that  there are more quality apps available for IOs devices compared to androids. Is this true? Your thoughts please.
    • By Diane Lane
      Do y'all ever buy used technology? I both buy and sell used technology, and have never had an issue doing so. I usually buy and sell my used technology on eBay, but I started wondering about other places that sell used electronics. I sometimes go to the local pawn shops to see what they have, since they buy and sell a variety of products. Occasionally, if I find something I want, I'll buy it there, such as blu-rays or even DVDs. I see a lot of used computers and gadgets there, as well as televisions and cameras, but in my opinion, in most cases, I can get better deals on eBay. I guess the up side of buying at the pawn shop or other local site that sells used electronics, is that I can actually see and hold the item, and in some cases, try it out. 
      Would you buy used electronics? If so, would you prefer to buy the items online or in person? 
    • By Diane Lane
      I tend to look for good deals, so I've bought my electronics in various places, both off and online. I do like to look at Best Buy, and have bought several computers and televisions there. I've bought iPods at Target and on eBay, and I have bought other electronics from TigerDirect and other online sites in the past. 
      Do you stick with one site/store, or shop wherever you can find the best deals? 
    • By Diane Lane
      I've been wanting something like this for ages, but had never heard of it being in the developing stages, or even on someone's potential agenda as far as creation. I stumbled across this article earlier, and am really excited, even though this will probably take quite a while to bring to fruition. It's pretty amazing how much money this has generated thus far, and I'll be watching to see where this goes. I love that he says he won't sell out, but we all know how that usually ends up. Hopefully he will remain true to his ideals, and someday we'll see this become reality. Blippar Visual Browser
    • By Diane Lane
      I've seen people talking in some of my groups about their Fitbits and other electronic movement/fitness monitoring devices, and how they love them (or have lost them), but I don't know much about them. I am not a gym rat, and when I exercise, it tends to be lower level activity, and is usually accomplished at home or on the local nature trails or beach. I looked at a review on a couple of these devices earlier though, and started wondering how many people actually use them, and of those, what benefits they receive. 
      Fitbit Official SiteI made a note of some of the features that sounded interesting to me, and they were: Activity Minutes, Steps, Calories and Distance, Clock (this isn't necessary, but would be useful), Floors climbed (again, not necessary, but I'm up and down all day, so it would be interesting/useful), and activity minutes. 
      Do you use this type of device? If so, which one? What made you choose that particular device, and are you happy with it? What are your favorite features? 
    • By Diane Lane
      Do you always use OEM parts and accessories on your electronics, or after market? I tend to mix it up. I only buy genuine OEM batteries, because that's more important to me, since it seems after market batteries could cause issues or present a danger, but with chargers and other accessories, I will sometimes buy generic or after market parts/supplies. 
    • By Diane Lane
      To be honest, I usually don't write reviews of products I buy. Occasionally I will write a review if the product far surpasses my expectations, but I usually forget to do so. Follow up emails from the company do help, and occasionally, when prompted, I will write one. It seems there are so many fake reviews out there when I read products, that I often don't rely on reviews, other than those on professional sites, such as cnet, pcmag, engadget, or Consumer Reports. Do you write product reviews? Where do you get your information about products you're interesting in buying? 
    • By Diane Lane
      Has the forum been under attack lately? I've had difficulty connecting over the past few days, and often, when I do, there are error messages, and I'm unable to read or post. Even though I've been able to post a reply just before this and now this (assuming it goes through), I just got an error message a few minutes ago, while trying to read a thread. 
    • By Diane Lane
      Do you have multiple devices with different operating systems? I know some people stick with one system, but others don't seem to mind switching between and among various operating systems, and do it with ease. I started off with Windows, but have been using Apple for years, and am learning Android now, so I wondered how many solely use one OS, and how many are happy to swap them out frequently. 
    • By Diane Lane
      Good grief. I'm looking around at electronics on eBay and saw something interesting, but the person selling it has a name with a variation of the word sleazy. I can't even consider buying from someone using anything related to that word in their name. Their feedback also isn't the greatest, but if I'm really interested in a product, I'll investigate the feedback, in case some jerk ruined it with unwarranted negative feedback. What the heck was s/he thinking? If you've got a business, or simply sell things online, have you considered the implications of the name you sell under?  I know we have people here from all over the world, so in case anyone isn't familiar with the word or it's definition, here it is, from Merriam-Webster: 
      slea·zy ˈslēzē/ adjective   1. (of a person or situation) sordid, corrupt, or immoral. synonyms: corrupt, immoral, unsavory, disreputable; 
    • By zero
      Let me set the scene for you.
      You are about to be sent to a nice little island abandoned by scientists quite some time ago. You'll be living in a small hut where 2 scientists used to live. You have electricity around the clock, Internet and cooking utensils. The island is rich with wild life and greens for food.
      You'll be living alone on the island along with the creatures that chased the scientists away, but you'll be safe in the hut. You will not be trying to escape because you agreed to stay there willingly as part of Mark Zuckerberg's latest reality show.
      Imagine if you were going to be stranded on the island for a year. You are allowed 1 personal belonging that you can bring along with you. What would it be and why?
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