GTA 5 Hidden Secrets

GTA 5 Hidden Secrets

Rockstar’s GTA 5 release is packed with a lot of cool obvious features and tricks that you might be putting to test already – but there’s more to the game than just the see-able. Here are some fun hidden secrets about GTA 5 that you didn’t know about.

GTA 5 Hidden Secrets – Topless women at Vinewood Mansions

Topless women at Vinewood Mansions will sometimes party all night and flash themselves at you – you can take pictures of them and they’ll call you a pervert/creep. Leading to their boyfriends punching your intestines out and picking fights. Time to kick some ass right? If you get your ass handed to you, these GTA 5 Cheats might come in handy for sure.


GTA 5 Hidden Secrets – Having fun with corpses

If you want to completely drain out a dead body and have fun with it – here’s an epic way. Kill the person and run your car over the corpse. This will cause the blood to actually ‘spray’ out of the dead body. Do it as many times you want, you’ll get the same result – a blood puking dead victim.

GTA 5 Hidden Secrets – Blowing up cars

Shooting gas tanks of a car will create gas trails. You can ignite the trail and blow up the car with a cool explosion. But this requires precise aiming; make sure you do it at a stop signal so you have time to shoot at the tank.


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GTA 5 Hidden Secrets – No prostitute love?

Well that’s maybe because there’s a cop car behind you. Prostitutes will never approach your character if there’s a cop car (or a cop standing about for that matter) anywhere near you. Make sure you kill the cop and then get some alone time with your favourite hoe.

GTA 5 Hidden Secrets – Visiting prostitutes will help you recover

Visiting a prostitute every once in a while will increase your Stamina stats – this will help you run, swim and pedal faster. So don’t forget to drop by a harlot every now and then – It’s good for you!

GTA 5 Hidden Secrets – Clever Store Clerks

If you constantly rob from the same store, the store clerk will recognize your face and will have the police eyeing the counter like the next time you enter. So heads up – come prepared.

GTA 5 Hidden Secrets – Zombies in Los Santos

Zombies have made their way on almost all game franchises and movies – GTA 5 did not disappoint. You can now randomly find these walking dead and converse with them. You might expect a ‘brain eating’ response, but the dead walker cracks a joke instead.


GTA 5 Hidden Secrets – Serial Killer’s Poem in Sandy Shores

There have already been a lot of rumours about hidden serial killer missions in GTA 3, and we’ve been really curious about a follow up to that rumour since nothing came up before. In the middle of Senora National Park in Sandy shores there are a bunch of rocks clustered up in one place. The weird thing – there are a couple of bold 888’s written on one of them along with a poem that we think might have been the work of a serial killer.

Guess we’ll have to wait for someone to find out. Maybe it’s an online mission, who knows? If you know something, leave us a comment.


GTA 5 Hidden Secrets – The Ghost of Jolene Cranley-Evans

On Mount Gordo from a cliff where you can see the lighthouse, you can see a ghost in between the hours of 11 PM and Midnight. This is the ghost of Jolene Cranley Evans who was murdered by her husband and politician, Jock Cranley. Every night, she hovers over some rocks over the name of her murderer and reminds everyone of the injustice. Maybe you should give it a try and get close to her, you might unveil a hidden mission.


GTA 5 Hidden Secrets – UFOs

You might not believe it, but there have been some sightings of UFOs being spotted by characters during the game. You can see UFOs up close sometimes and see ‘FIB’ written on them – but if you get too close, you will be pushed away. Maybe a little fire power might solve this mystery, no?

Do try out these GTA 5 hidden secrets and give us your comments.

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