Overcome Samsung Galaxy S4 Overheating Issues Part 2

Overcome Samsung Galaxy S4 Overheating Issues Part 2

We have noticed a lot of people are searching for ways to decrease the overheating issue that have been plaguing the Galaxy S4. Whilst the overheating issue cannot be eradicated entirely, this second article continues to explore possibilities of reducing the overheating in the Galaxy S4. You can find the first article on how to reduce the overheating issue in the Galaxy S4 here.

Since its release, the Galaxy S4 has never stopped bugging users with its annoying overheating issue – the phone feels like it’s going to melt or explode with the heat it produces. Many of us thought that Samsung would release a bug fix in its following update, but even that seems like a dream now. Consequently, we thought that some workaround tricks to reduce the overheating issue on your S4 would do some good and resolve the problem to some extent.

Galaxy S4 Overheating Issue – Don’t use your Old SD Card

If you’re planning on using the old SD card that you used on your previous phone, and the one before that, and the one before that – then you might already have half the answer to your galaxy S4 heating problem. Since you put a lot of stuff on your SD card, it might have gotten worn out and corrupted, forcing your S4 to heavily process and translate the stuff you put on your card. An extreme solution would be to trash your current SD card and get yourself a new one. The more conventional solution would be to backup the data on your SD card to your computer and reformat your Galaxy S4 SD card.

Galaxy S4 Overheating Issue – Never run too many Background apps

Ever get notifications of social apps (and others) installed on your galaxy S4? That’s because they’re running in the background. One or two apps running in the background are okay. Sometimes we get carried away by overloading the background functions with a dozen applications that will slow the Galaxy S4 down, as well as heat it up. So make sure you log out of the apps after you’re done.

Some apps can’t be closed as they do not have a physical log out/exit button, in this case – use a small task killer app like Easy Task Killer Advance and shut them applications down!

Galaxy S4 Overheating Issues – Install a Custom ROM

Although you might really like the stock Android firmware on your Galaxy S4 with all the cool features (even though they contain a bunch of useless crap), but it contributes to the overall overheating reason and a battery hog. To overcome this, you can flash a custom ROM on your Galaxy S4 and keep one step away from nuking your device.

Below are a list of tutorials that you can follow to install a custom ROM on your Galaxy S4.

Galaxy S4 Overheating Issues – Turn Off All Extra Features on your S4

As you might already know, the galaxy S4 is flooded with features that you don’t use – some examples would be the Smart Stay and Air Gesture features. There’s nothing more than having an awesome device with some cool options you can boast about to your friends. But to cool down your Galaxy S4, try keeping all the extra features toggled off. You can activate them again in front of your friends when you need to, but when not using the features, have them turned off. To turn these features off, you can do it from the notification panel by dragging it down from the status bar, or from Settings.

Galaxy S4 Overheating Issues – Turn off all Network Based Facilities when not needed

When you’re doing nothing else than just playing an offline game , it’s better to turn off everything you don’t need. Why? – Because gaming heats your S4 up and a way to cool it down would be to reduce the load in other areas. Who needs Wifi, or 3g/4g network while playing a game? Or LBS? No one. So do yourself a favour and keep all these options off while playing games, because let’s face it – when you’re seriously gaming you wouldn’t want your girlfriend bothering you anyway.

Galaxy S4 Overheating Issues – Keep Clearing your Data and Cache

After some time of constant usage, your Galaxy S4 will need to process more data information because the data and cache has piled up over the time. To remove the cache and data of some apps, you can go to Settings > Apps then select an app and select the Clear Data and Clear Cache options.

Galaxy S4 Overheating Issue – Conclussion

If you’re looking for a magical application that can reduce the overheating issue that has plagued the Galaxy S4, you’re shit out of luck. However with these simple tricks, you can eliminate half the issue and it goes a long way. While most will argue that newer processors such as the one in the Galaxy S4 is operating within the safe limits, we do have to take into consideration the impact the heat has on the battery. Lets face it, how many of these options do we actually use versus texting and making phone calls?

To conclude, turn off what you don’t use and we have found that the CyanogenMod 10.2 custom ROM to run at a better temperature. Maybe we’re just delusional but hey, try it out and leave your comments below.

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