How to Recover Deleted Chrome Web History

How to Recover Deleted Chrome Web History

If you’re a happy Google Chrome user who’s lost his happy because of a silly history deletion you made a while ago, then we have the solution for turning that frown upside down. Google Chrome is a widely used browser with extensive features and options to help you accomplish everyday tasks in no time (without crashing). One main reason people use Chrome over other browsers is its load speed – sometimes 10 times faster than others. But what really makes this a one-of-a-kind browser is the ability to hack into deleted web history.

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If you’re looking for a way to get back some website URLs that you threw away some time ago, then it’s no biggy. There are two different ways to retrieve it: using software that will retrieve and restore the desired web pages, or a simpler method involves using the Inbuilt system restore option on your operating system. Though this might work without using any third party software, you might lose some data after all’s said and done …what data? You’ll find out in these steps.

Method 1: Analyzing Index.dat files with Systenance Software

You might think that it’s bye-bye web history after you’ve made the deletion, but in fact it’s never gone from your computer. Microsoft stores your visited web pages, cache, URLs, documents, everything you do online in the first of index.dat files; so, there never fully wiped out. To get those index.dat files from your computer, here the steps you must follow:

  1. Download the Systenance Index.dat file Analyzer  software and install it on your computer.
  2. After you’ve successfully installed it, open it up and click on the search button
  3. Click OK on the following window and you’ll find all the web history you’ve ever visited in front of you.
  4. In the procedure, you have to try different index.dat files in order to look for the right one – use filters to shorten the process and get the right one
  5. After you’ve found the correct index.dat file, select it or select a bunch of items if you want to restore those as well
  6. Next, click on the File tab and click on the Save selected items option
  7. Now you’ll be prompted to choose the file name in which these items will be saved. Name your file and then hit the Save button

There you have it, after you’ve saved the file, you’ll have the deleted history you were looking for.

Method 2: System Restore Option

Some operating systems have a system restore option present in their settings – If you’re a windows user, then fear not because it must be there already. If you’re running your computer on something else, then we recommend that you should check it out or use the Method 1 instead.

  1. Go to the Start Menu and choose the system restore option from All programs > Accessories > System tools
  2. Click on the system restore option and you’ll be prompted to choose the point in time which you wish to restore.
  3. Select a time for when the history was not deleted, so when you restore your system – the web history will be there (sort f like going back in time).
  4. But there is a catch: by restoring your system you will also lose data that you modified after that time. As in, everything you did after you deleted the history will be gone.
  5. If you’re comfortable with losing the data  then set the time and hit restore

After that, you’re computer will reboot and you’ll have your deleted web history present on Chrome.

  • Big Lou

    Thank You Candice…this is a big help. One item I don’t understand. The Restore information says “System Restore does not affect any of your documents, pictures, or other personal data.” However you mentioned “But there is a catch: by restoring your system you will also lose data that you modified after that time. As in, everything you did after you deleted the history will be gone.”

    So which is it? Obviously the restore option is better if data isn’t lost because the Chrome history will be back and easier to use in its normal place. The second method seems more complicated to this novice.

    • Chris H

      Meaning if you installed a program it will not be there after the restore.

      • Big Lou

        Thanks for the clarification Chris.

  • unresolved

    i have tried so many…nothing works, nt even system recovery or chrome history view!!

  • Vadzim

    Did you really check what you suggest here to innocent people?

    Systenance Index.dat file Analyzer is able to show only still not deleted IE history but not Chrome history, whenever it was deleted or not.

    And I highly doubt that System Restore touches Chrome history too.

    • Vadzim

      I’m currently trying to find a way to authentically verify that Chrome browser history was not compromised or selectively cleaned.
      To be able to prove some greedy cell operator that I didn’t subscribe to it’s obtruded service.
      Would be grateful for any advice.

  • Amaterasu user 天照

    what I am wondering about is if there is a way to get your deleted history back to google chrome. not save it on your computer- each time I am forced to reinstall my computer I forget to log out and a massive of my history is deleted.

    I wonder if there is a way to get that back to your history in google chrome? :/ any advice plz. :)