Top 10 Android Games of 2013

Top 10 Android Games of 2013

It’s almost the end of the year, and what we have seen in the Play Store for the past 12 months has been nothing short of a good old game line-up. And the good part is that nothing has been left void – we have had racing games, time-pass games, mind deceiving games, small-sized addictive games, fun games that look like the usual boring ones but don’t let you sleep at night…

So this calls for a New Year’s special: The Best games we have seen in 2013, listed in order and ready to be downloaded and played.

Android Games – Dead Trigger 2

A sequel to what we had last year, Dead Trigger 2 comes with yet another SP story and warfare setup, new challenging villains – you have got the Kamikaze, Vomitron, it’s not your easy kill-game. If you’re not already familiar with Madfinger’s Dead Trigger trilogy, it’s something you’d go for if you’re into Zombies and the inevitable apocalypse they cause. You get a truck load of weapons (a melee pistol to start with) and a safe house – and it gets even better with those high end graphics.

Download Dead Trigger 2
Price: Free


Android Games – Ridiculous Fishing

From the creators of 2010’s radical fishing, Ridiculous Fishing – something we think is so ridiculous, it touches along the lines of fun. The task outline is pretty simple (and ridiculous), you’re a fisherman. You cast your line in the sea and avoid getting fish on your hook to get as deep as you can. After you get a fish on the line, the line will start pulling back and you’ll have to tag along all the fish you can. Now comes the fun part – after the fish reach the surface, you blow them up with your guns, bazookas, toasters etc and make HATS out of them.

Download Ridiculous Fishing
Price: $3.08


Android Games – Riptide GP 2

Riptide GP 2 is one of those perfectly tailored racing games that feature cool high graphical tracks, detailed riders and shiny vehicles. Riptide GP 2 however, is the only appreciable hydro jet racing game out there on the Play Store – with upgradable jets, unlockable stunts and moves, and you can also earn heaps of XP with the epic career mode.

Download Riptide GP 2
Price: $2.99


Android Games – Fifa 14 (Free)

Happy to see that it’s free? You’d be living under a rock for the past few years if you don’t know how top-notch the Fifa experience is. With twice as more new players and player capabilities, EA Sports has done us Android gamers a favor by putting this up as free – High end Graphics (You can literally see the facial lines of players), some new playback songs that we think are a great addition, and of course who could forget those vivid pre-match summaries. Did we mention this was free?

Download Fifa 14
Price: Free


Android Games – Anomaly 2

Keeping intact with the principles of the Original, Anomaly 2 brings some new improvements and additions to the single player mode – better visuals (not that they sucked before), and the Tower Defense vs. Tower Offense multiplayer mode is still worth taking a go at. The game challenges you into saving humankind that is on the verge of extinction because of an alien invasion that takes place in 2018. Everything is very war-like with all the tactics and strategizing your squad’s attacks etc.

Download Anomaly 2
Price: $1.97


Android Games – Hero of Many

Hero of many is one of those one-in-a-million creation that features radiant visuals and an innovative story. You’re an orb of light that has to lead tadpoles through a journey with numerous enemies; namely enemy monsters and puzzles that will try to stop you – but you can’t survive alone, no way. You have to take your friend tadpoles through or it’s retry mission for you. The game outlook is very epic, no one could’ve thought of a cooler design and soundtrack to keep you going.

Download Hero of Many
Price: $3.92


Android  Games – Asphalt 8: Airborne

If you’re a major car junky, this game is made for you – Asphalt 8: Airborne brings a plethora of seasons which might sound (and look) like a piece of cake but they sure as hell are not! Starting with season 1 you’ll get know about the type of races and cars that can be unlocked – you work your way through to the last season and unlock elite cars, from your own Dodge, to a Lamborghini. You’ll also get a chance to modify your cars to paint them and put in better engines under the hood.

Download Asphalt 8
Price: Free


Android Games – Plants Vs. Zombies 2

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of – it’s Zombies! Anything that involves brain chasing, slow, creepy, drowsy zombies gets our vote. Plants vs Zombies has always been a boredom killer with the amazing scenario it creates of plants battling out zombies – armies and defenses. You’re crazy Dave, who has to protect his brain from getting gouged out by those monsters. Play this new-and-improved sequel with even more unlockables and cool levels.

Download Plants vs. Zombies
Price: Free


Android Games – Cut the Rope

Remember when we mentioned ‘small-sized addictive games’? Well, there’s no better example than Cut the Rope. If you haven’t already tried this yet, we highly recommend you play this because it’s by far the most addictive game we’ve come through. Swinging candies on ropes, cutting them, floating them in bubbles, giving them momentum, and in the end; gulping it down that adorable green creature’s throat. Levels upon levels, you won’t ever get bored – but considering the addiction level of this thing, you’ll get through this game pretty quick.

Download Cut the Rope
Price: Free


Android Games – Candy Crush Saga

Though this might look like your usual puzzle game, but it’s not. Candy Crush is running (or was, for a MONTH!) the top grossing app in the Play Store. And why? Well, we had to test this ourselves to see what the big deal was. The looks and unlockables – shiny sweet candies waiting to be switched, with over more levels than you can count and the addictive sound track playing in the background as you work your way through a new high score. If there’s perk that comes with these games – it’s that you never get tired of them.

Download Candy Crush
Price: Free