Unbrick Your iPhone and iPad

Unbrick Your iPhone and iPad

There’s no feeling more dreadful than what you feel when you wake up to find that your iPhone won’t turn on – you think the battery’s dead. You plug it in all the power outlets you can find and still it won’t turn on, you try connecting to iTunes – doesn’t recognize your phone. Now it sinks in that your iPhone is lost somewhere in the brick world. Well, all hope’s not lost. You can try some of these authentic methods to unbrick your iPhone 5.


What are you dealing with here?

A bricked iPhone means anything that renders your iPhone 5 as useless as a brick. Now, there are sub categories/types of bricks, some of which are unfixable – so bear in mind that there’s a slight chance you’re going to have to shell out some cash for a new phone.

Bricked situations that can still be fixed:

  • Your iPhone 5’s stuck on the boot screen (Apple logo screen)
  • Infinite bootloop – keeps booting till the apple logo,
  • Loads into bootloader mode, shows signs of life

Remember to always charge your device for a couple of minutes just to make sure your device isn’t dead from having zero battery. You would be surprised how silly some people are.

Method 1: Unbrick your iPhone or iPad

In this method, we will try entering DFU mode (Device Firmware update).

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.
  2. Turn your iPhone or iPad complete off.
  3. Press the power button for 3 seconds.
  4. Without releasing the power button, hold both the power and home buttons down simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  5. Release the power button after 10 seconds, but continue pressing the home button.
  6. You should then see a USB data cable and the iTunes icon on your screen – this means that iTunes can now detect your device.
  7. Click on the restore option in iTunes and go for the iOS installation.

Method 2: Unbrick your iPhone or iPad

This method is suitable if your iPhone or iPad is stuck in a bootloop or in a frozen state. Symptoms are your device repeatedly rebooting until the Apple logo or your device is un-responsive. A potential fix popularly known as the Hard Reset can bring your iPhone or iPad back to life. This is akin to pressing the reset button on your computer.

While your device is bootlooping, press the Power and Home buttons simultaneously untill you see the Apple logo again – what this will do is shut down any unresponsive app you’re running o your iPhone 5 – your device will boot normally after that and you can uninstall the corrupted apps that are messing with your device.

Method 3: Unbrick your Jailbroken iPhone or iPad

If the Hard Reset method doesn’t work for you, you probably have an incompatible tweak installed via Cydia. These incompatible tweaks will override your attempt to hard reset and launch themselves again when your iPhone 5 tried to reboot.

To kill them off : All you need to do is hold the Volume Up while the iPhone booting again. Keep holding it until you see the lock screen of your iPhone 5. You can now open Cydia and uninstall the tweak to avoid the bootloop to occur again. Any icons that have been previously hidden will also show itself now.

If the Volume Up button fails to succeed, you can try connecting the earphones that came with your iPhone 5 and clicking the Clicker on the wire. Press it while booting and it should do the trick.

So that completes our list o methods you can use to unbrick your iPhone or iPad – if none of these methods work out for you, then you should consider replacing it, or taking it a repair shop that can play with the hardware and fully reset your device.